Monarch Patio Doors and their glass.

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The Monarch Patio Door, also known as the Monaframe Patio was arguably the most successful aluminium patio door of it’s time.

the monarch patio door is one of the most successful sliding aluminium doors.
The Monarch Patio Door is one of the most successful sliding aluminium doors.

Designed by Monarch Aluminium (now SAPA Building Systems) it was a thermally broken and non thermally broken sliding patio door that was available in several variants including direct fix or the Monarch Patio Door fitted into a hardwood subframe.

The Monarch Patio door can be seen in homes, hotels and other types of buildings all over the UK and many are still performing faultlessly thanks to excellent design, reliable hardware and the backing of one of the best known aluminium systems companies in the UK.

How was the Monarch Patio Door made?

The Monarch Patio Door was loved by door installation companies that did not manufacture. Monarch Aluminium supplied the door either as a made to measure kit or an oversize kit designed to be cut down to size.

The enormous advantage of this method of supply was that the regular local window company could order a made to measure patio door and assemble it at their own premises. The obvious advantage of this was that they were buying the patio direct from the supplier and cutting out the trade fabricator and his margin.

The cost of the glass was also kept down as again the window company did not need to buy a glazed door from their supplier with a markup on the glass as well as the patio door.

The result was a competitively priced aluminium sliding patio door and one that offered excellent margins to the installer. Even a small team of one or two people were able to buy the patio door, buy their glass, assemble the product and go install it.

Monarch Patio doors were assembled around the glass.

The fabrication manuals and installation instructions provided by SAPA Building Systems were excellent. With details, drawings and advice anyone could manufacture a quality patio door.

One reason for this was that it was manufactured around the glass.

With the glass toughened unit placed on a suitable bench or surface, the sliding panel components were placed around the glass and the product bolted together. This wrap around glazed arrangement can present a problem.

How do you replace the glass on a Monarch Patio Door?

This is a common question from the many people that contact this website.

“I had Monarch Aluminium patio doors installed in 1998 which still work perfectly.
However one of the glass panels now has developed a large crack and I need to replace the glass”.

The main disadvantage of not using glazing beads is that should the glass need replacement, the sliding panels need to be removed, taken apart and the glass replaced. This is much harder than a window or swing door whereby the glazing beads can be removed with the window in situ and the glass replaced.

By comparison the modern equivalent of the Monarch Patio door, SAPA Building Systems’ Crown Patio door is a combination of the two.

Therefore if you have to replace the glass on Monarch Patio Doors you will need this done by someone that has the skills and tools to take the sliding panels apart and re-assemble.

Installers of SAPA Crown Windows may be able to help

It is quite likely that a local supplier and installer of SAPA Windows and Doors would previously have been a supplier or manufacturer of the Monarch and Monaframe Windows and Doors.

Therefore they will probably still possess the knowledge and possibly the original technical manuals to carry out this work for you.

Another source of repair may be your local and established firm that carries out double glazing repairs. With masses of these doors sold over the years it is likely they will also be familiar with them.

What else should I be aware of?

As with any product you are taking apart and re-assembling, making sure it is done with care is vitally important. Consider that the chevrons, cleats, bolts, screws or fixings found in windows and doors may be over 20 years old with some products and as such they may be prone to wear or damage.

The glazing gasket that wraps completely round the double glazed unit before the aluminium profiles are applied may also be subjected to damage, cracking or tearing.

Any competent installer should be aware of factors such as these and take the appropriate action.

If you require any further information about Monarch Patio Doors, Monaframe Doors or Windows, please contact us.