New Commercial Door From Senior Architectural Systems

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Nick Dardalis

A new commercial door has been launched by the well respected Senior Architectural Aluminium that offers several improvements over their existing well designed commercial door.

any entrance that is not a dwelling must have a commercial door fitted that will meet the requirements for high traffic usage.
Any entrance that is not a dwelling must have a commercial door fitted that will meet the requirements for high traffic usage.

Commercial doors must be used in any non dwelling environments where a reliable high traffic entrance door is required.  If you are an installer that continues to provide PVCu or aluminium domestic entrance doors to commercial premises such as shops, you are not installing a fit for purpose product.

Commercial doors by their design and the hardware they use are designed to provide long term reliable usage in commercial premises.  Added to this they meet the now legal requirements of the Equalities Act specified with the correct door closer and hardware.

The Senior Aluminium SPW501 enhances their already successful commercial door

For existing manufacturers of the Senior SP500 system, this is still available with the new SP501 offering cleverly designed polyamide thermal break profiles.

These include narrow and deep top rails, bottom rails and midrails.  These narrow and deep variants of common door sections are necessary to meet different door functions such as the facility to incorporate large and small letter boxes in the rail sections and top rails that can be suitable for doors fitted with automatic operators.

What about anti-finger trap commercial doors?

Many trade manufacturers and installers have now incorporated the anti finger trap hinge stile as part of the standard product despite this not being a legal requirement in any shop or school.  With the anti finger trap hinge stile now being commonplace in commercial doors, Senior Architectural Systems have accommodated the two most common types of anti finger trap stile.

Doors that are fitted with standard locking systems, access control systems or latch locks can use the fully rounded SPW57373 anti finger trap stile which will suit all types of door configurations.

Fire exit doors fitted with horizontal panic bars will require the SPW57369 panic bar stile.  This is flat on the inside of the door designed to provide the flat face needed for suitable fixing of any proprietary horizontal panic bar whether this is a push bar type or recessed bar type.

Senior Systems also offer flexible thresholds with the new SPW501 thermal commercial door.

The low threshold or ramp type threshold is a critical component of commercial doors.  Doors in public places must never have the rebated “step over” threshold typical of residential entrance doors.

With the SPW501 commercial aluminium door, Senior Systems offer four different threshold variants.

The standard double ramped non thermal threshold will be suitable for most applications.  Where doors and thresholds are required to sit on a subcill, there is the SD598 square back threshold.  This threshold is ideal as it will sit against the rear upstand of all cill sections whilst providing a good seal and removing the common dirt trap in this location.

For those that require thermal or drained thresholds, these are also available.

The other benefits of the improved SPW 501 commercial door include the availability of cut lengths already powder coated by Seniors.  This is very advantageous to fabricators of say, a single door in one special colour that would otherwise require complete 5 or 6 metre bars to be purchased when only one metre of a particular section may be required.

This painted cut lengths availability ensures special colour commercial doors remain competitively priced for the customer and cheap to make for the manufacturer and reducing off-cut material wastage.

Senior Aluminium also promote that the SPW501 is a development of the SPW500 thermal commercial door therefore existing tooling can be used.

Any type of sidelight, toplight or angled framing combination can be created as the system also has an excellent range of pocket glazed thermal profiles including corner posts and other special sections.

If you would like prices and further details on the new Senior Commercial Aluminium Door, please contact the website using the form below.