Sunparadise Windows and Doors

Sunparadise windows and doors come with expert manufacturing and high quality components. These European designed windows and doors also suit the replacement of old glazing or for new build openings.

sunparadise windows and doors

Sunparadise Windows and Doors information

Sunparadise windows and doors come as thermally insulated systems. You’ll also find non-thermal aluminium products for interior use.

The system offers a comprehensive range of frame profiles, meeting the size, styling and technical requirements of varied projects. Windows come as fixed, opening, tilting or panoramic windows. Sunparadise products also integrate fully with the wider range of Sunparadise products. They’ll work alongside folding or sliding doors, CUBO glass rooms and most of the 35 available systems in the Sunparadise collection.

As well as standard insulation, some products come with enhanced thermal properties. There’s marine-grade powder coated colours or the latest anodised finishes. For many years, these windows have proven themsevles as built-to-last, tried and tested products. Security, energy efficiency and reliability also come as standard.

The door collection comes with the same quality aluminium extrusions offering single and double doors, with or without side panels.

Every Sunparadise windows and doors products comes with the same attention to detail and unique style typical of the brand.

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Supertherm 80WD Windows

Sunparadise Supertherm 80WD windows is the highly insulated product in the range. This is ideal for new and replacement window solutions. The wide polyamide thermal break comes with additional foam insulation in the profile cores. The Supatherm product meets the more demanding window project requirements with a luxurious architectural look.

The standout feature around Sunparadise windows and doors is the larger sizes. Window modules come at sizes of 2.4m wide and 2.4m high.

Flatline frames and opening sizes combine with several mullion and transom sections. At the same time, they offer all with the low maintenance properties associated with aluminium.

For greater window flexibility, the tilt and turn feature provides the best of both worlds. Bigger vent opening sizes and larger windows overall when required. Moreover, the tilt and turn facility lets users clean the outside pane from outside the room. The multi-functional handle lets you tilt the window back for ventilation or turn fully in as required.

Key Features

  • Outward opening windows or tilt and turn windows up to 2.4m high
  • Convenient bottom hung opening inwards window option available
  • Available at flexible sizes including shapes, curves and angles
  • Available double or triple glazed
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Thermo 60 WD

With a slimmer frame depth, Sunparadise Thermo 60WD windows come with the same contemporary design and functionality. This product provides even narrower sightlines and therefore ideal for slimline windows requirements.

The Thermo 60WD window offers the same large or small window options and integration with other products. It’ll integrate with hinged, sliding or folding door systems in the Sunparadise range.

U-Values meet or exceed current Building Regulations depending on the glass specification chosen. The thinner profiles create attractive residential or commercial windows while letting light flood into any room.

Fiesta 42WD non thermal system

Fiesta 42WD provides an economic and stylish solution for windows and doors. This window is especially suitable in areas where thermal performance and compliance to Building Regulations are not required.

As a non-insulated system, Fiesta 42 WD creates interior doors and partitions. Futhermore it’s suitable for commercial interior glazing or windows and doors for garden rooms.

The Fiesta 42WD system retains all the quality of the thermally insulated system in a solid aluminium design. Moreover, there’s no loss of quality or styling options.

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Sunparadise Residential Doors

The Sunparadise door range offers matching profiles to the window products for a coherent look.

There is a choice of single or double doors, opening in or out. Door leaf sizes come at an impressive 2.7m high for slimline glass doors without needing sidelights or toplights.

Insulated profiles combine with quality glass units, delivering excellent thermal performance with the maintenance-free properties of powder-coated aluminium.

Sunparadise Supertherm 80WD and Thermo 60WD doors suit the front, side or back of the house. Matching hinged doors completed the installation with one coherent look in the property.

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