Combiline Bifolding Doors

Solarlux Combiline bifolding doors offer a hybrid glazing solution. Combiline provides all the design and quality benefits associated with Solarlux Systems products. At the same time, they provide a more luxurious solution with the benefits of natural, warm-to-the-touch wood internally.

combiline bifolding doors made by solarlux overlooking a large park in a new apartment.

Combiline Bifolding doors. General Information

Within the overall Solarlux bifolding doors range, Combiline bifolding doors have the same excellent design features but with an alternative inside look.

Using Spruce, Meranti or Pine woods, these come in over forty different colour options, including RAL colours. Alternatively, there’s the option for clear lacquer internally.

Equally important is the sourcing chain for the woods used with Solarlux Combiline. Certified, sustainable and responsibly sourced timbers makes these doors environmentally friendly inside as well as out.

Over time, the high-grade woods, develop a distinctive look and character making these hybrid products, desirable, long-lasting and timeless.

Combiline bifolding doors sit within the overall bifolds range as an alternative to those seeking the aesthetic benefits of a real wood product while not having the care associated with the exterior elements. The look of these products generally suits both modern and new homes and interiors. At the same time, they allow older houses especially with existing joinery all the functional and lifestyle benefits of a bifolding door in the home.

The vast majority of the features found within aluminium Solarlux bifolds, you’ll find within the Combiline product.

Hybrid and Combiline bifolding door models

Three different models provide varying sightlines, U-Values and frame depths for replacement projects as well as suitability for newly built apertures.

Mitre joints, and up to three different sealing levels within the product make Combiline suitable, just like full aluminium bifolds, for all manner of locations and exposure levels. Retaining the sleek lines are features such as flush hardware, no protruding guide rails, and the same highly flush or low threshold options.

SL 67 Bi-Folding Door

combinline bifolding doors in wood

With excellent design and appearance, SL67 bifolding doors offer more classic sightlines and profiled frames.

Mullion sightlines are 169mm and the overall depth of the outer frame is 66mm. This product, therefore, suits new openings especially well.

Two versions of operation with this product provide the better-known bottom hung system with all the weight on the bottom rollers. Alternatively, for specific projects, there’s also a top-hung model.

Solarlux Combiline Model

combine bifolding doors

Combiline is the latest model using the wood/aluminium combination. Of its many features is its outstanding thermal performance.

With U-Values of just 1.1Wm2K triple glazed, Combiline comes certified to Passivhaus standards.

You get the low threshold, advanced hinge design and all the renowned Solarlux features in a product having the best in energy efficiency. Even the thermal break used on the full aluminium product is inserted flush within the timber profiles.

And with mullion sightlines of just 147mm, Solarlux Combiline bifolding doors also provide larger glass areas and better views than conventional timber bifolding doors.

Combiline bifolding doors by Solarlux offer all the benefits of high quality patio doors using a combination of aluminium and wood. Using a hybrid product not only gives you a timeless product, withstanding changing trends, but also one with superior insulation and product quality.

Solarlux Combiline bifolding doors are available throughout the UK through a quality dealer network and companies promoting the benefits of these combined materials, not just for folding sliding doors but also for windows, front doors and sliding doors.

Solarlux is the go-to name for hybrid bifolding doors that are luxurious of high quality and come with low maintenance aluminium outside and warm woods inside. These aesthetically pleasing but still very practical, Solarlux Combiline Bifold Doors were built for those wanting high-end doors to last for years.

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