Schuco Sliding Patio Door Information

For contemporary exterior doors, Schuco sliding patio doors come in several different versions.  All Schuco sliding doors come from one of the worlds’ premier aluminium systems companies.  The Schuco name is synonymous with high quality, top-of-the-line engineering and one of the best brands of sliding patio doors.

schuco sliding patio door

Schuco Sliding Patio Doors.  Background and information.

Schuco as a systems company originates from Germany and has a presence in most major countries.  In the UK, Schuco is headquartered in Milton Keynes.  From their UK base, Schuco provides their range of aluminium profiles and accessories to their nationwide network of fabricators.

Schuco systems provide sliding doors, folding doors, windows and general glazing for the residential market.  However, this is just a small part of the Schuco product range. Schuco provides a big range of commercial systems, specialist glazing and bespoke architectural aluminium.

This is why Schuco is known for unrivalled engineering,  high-performance design and the choice of building designers, architects and discerning homeowners.

How to buy Schuco sliding patio doors.

To help you buy Schuco sliding doors, there are different categories of Schuco fabricators. These are:

  • Trade supply manufacturers providing ready-made sliding doors to residential installers, trade counters and builders.
  • Manufacturers and installers supplying and fitting for residential customers.
  • Manufacturers and installers supplying and fitting for commercial contracting.
  • Residential home improvement companies buying Schuco sliding doors and supplying homeowners.

Therefore Schuco sliding doors are widely available in the market from any number of sources for homeowners, builders and the wider construction sector.

schuco sliding patio door

Schuco Sliding Doors Product Range.

There are a number of Schuco sliding patio doors available to meet most installation and project requirements.  The choice of which Schuco doors to buy depends on some important factors.

  • The type of sliding door required, such as inline or lift and slide.
  • The sight line required such as standard sliding doors, slimline or panoramic doors.
  • The aperture size as Schuco doors offer products for standard as well as expansive sliding glass walls.
  • The level of thermal performance required such as U-Values.
  • The overall design of the product such as corner sliding doors, automatic sliding doors.
  • Other details such as thresholds, profile aesthetics and hardware options.

Schuco ASS50 Sliding Door.

The Schuco ASS50 sliding door offers a more standard sliding door with narrow sight lines. This door comes as a thermally broken and non-thermal option for internal use.

It comes as an inline or a lift and slide system and is one of the thinner sliding doors in the Schuco range. You get a 50mm frame depth, a 120mm sightline at the door edge and an 84mm mullion size. Double glazing up to 32mm makes this door ideal for glass with integral blinds or better thermal performance. The ASS50 sliding door combines with Schuco AWS 50, AWS 60 or AWS 65 window suites for coupling fixed or opening windows.

Schuco ASS77PD

The Schuco ASS77PD is one of the newest sliding patio doors on the market designed to offer another option to the range of ultra-slim sliding doors on the market. 

Schuco ASS 77 PD (Panorama Design) provides slimline and near frameless sliding doors. You also get the option of double or triple tracks, a fixed or open corner patio door design, and the option for the sliding doors to disappear into the wall. Additionally, the outer frames of this sliding door are intended to be hidden in the structure giving the thinnest possible sight lines.

This premium product in the Schuco sliding doors range offers a near-frameless appearance. Furthermore, the options of multiple glazing thicknesses, configurations and colours make it suitable for any type of design requirement. As you would expect, Schuco ASS77PD are secure, thermally efficient and weather resistant.

Finally, with this model, you have the option of manual or automatic sliding operation and discreet door handles to ensure the elegant sleek lines of the product.

Schuco ASS70.HI Sliding Patio Doors.

Thes Schuco ASS70 uses the visible framing associated with conventional sliding patio doors. You get single, double or triple tracks, creating simple or multiple panel sliding doors. The frame depth of the Schuco ASS70 is, 70mm for replacement or new build installations.

You can use the Schuco ASS70 system for a premium sliding door in the home or any commercial building, coming as an inline or lift and slide option.  These Schuco sliding doors also create large sliding walls with up to 9 square metres possible with each sliding panel.

  • Impressive U Values of below 1.5 W/m2K when specified with the correct glass.
  • Very narrow frame profiles at only 108mm
  • High Security thought sophisticated locking systems designed specifically for the product
  • Long lasting stainless steel tracks and sliding ball bearing rollers offer light operation whatever the weight.
  • The very best in technology and product engineering to create the ultimate sliding door
  • Flat outer frame profile or soft line leaf option.
  • Ultra-low threshold options, therefore, providing a flush floor detail if needed.
  • Flyscreen option available
schuco sliding patio door

The Schuco sliding patio doors range comes as a locking and sliding automatic door.  Operated via remote control or a centrally located unit, this unique and technology-rich product locks, raises and slides all at the touch of a button.

Unlike conventional automatic door sliding systems typically used in commercial buildings, all the gearing is concealed within the ultra slim frame profile meaning no unsightly gearing or mechanisms. Therefore Schuco automatic sliding doors work well in a residential property.

Finally, there are no handles visible as all the door controls are via a push button.  The automatic sliding patio door is also available as a sliding door or with the lift and slide arrangement. Safety is built in with intelligent sensors that will automatically stop the door in the event of any obstacle.

Optional infrared sensors can also detect obstacles within a certain distance and automatically halt the door. The door slides effortlessly and silently with no effort on behalf of the user and other automatic functions such as partial ventilation are also available.

Features of all Schuco Patio Doors.

Choose any of the current Schuco sliding patio doors and you get a German-engineered premium patio door enhancing any type of property. Because Schuco sliding doors offer some of the slimmest sliding doors, you get a contemporary appearance as well.  Futhermore slim sliding doors maximise the light into the property and the views.  As standard, Schuco sliding doors offer:

  • High thermal performance, therefore helping lower energy bills.
  • Certified security to European and British Standards, providing peace of mind security.
  • Severe weather ratings protecting your home from the weather.
  • A choice of glass options such as the latest integral blinds, laminated, acoustic or solar control glass.

All Schuco sliding doors allow big sliding glass panels, ideal for contemporary houses and new extensions.

Schuco Sliding Patio Doors colours.

Finally, as expected of a premium aluminium systems, Schuco sliding patio doors come in any type of colour. With Schuco sliding doors you also have access to very contemporary anodised aluminium finishes.

Where to buy Schuco Sliding Doors.

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