Schuco Bifolding Doors Product Information

Schuco Bifolding Doors come with expert design and engineering behind them to comprise door solutions for all types of homes and properties.  The Schuco doors are available in a variety of formats including doors that swing, slide, lift and slide, tilt and slide or fold. Few other door systems offer the versatility and functionality of Schuco, making the brand the global leader in aluminium window and door technology.

schuco bifolding doors

Product information for Schuco Bifolding Doors.

The Schuco suite of bifolding doors comprises the highest national and international test standards and guidelines both as individual door products and as an overall system. Two popular models exist for residential installations. These are the Schuco ASS 70 FD and the Schuco ASS80 FD.

Both bifold door brands provide top-of-the-lie bifolding doors with multiple configurations as well as an open corner arrangement.  As well as this, the doors offer extra customisation. For instance, you can fit an opening window within the bifolding door panel. As a result, Schuco bifolding doors provide extra design flexibility where other brands do not.  Every Schuco bifold door meets both replacement and new build door requirements.

Schuco ASS70 FD Bifolding Door.

The ASS70FD folding sliding door comes in bar length from the systems company. Then a network of approved and accredited installers, supply the door through the trade and retail markets.  This particular model is one of the most sought-after and best known bifolding doors available in the UK today. It also ranks prominently amongst other leading and best bifolding doors.

There are several important features and benefits of the Schuco ASS 70 FD.

  • Impressive German engineering and design with a contemporary appearance.
  • Simple installation also providing long term reliability and a neat installation throughout.
  • Weather rated bifold door threshold, including other threshold options.
  • Clever gasket technology, with the engineered gaskets moving away from the frame when each panel opens.
  • Multiple panel options, therefore, providing all manner of door designs and configurations.
  • Effortless to slide and fold.

Highly Insulated Schuco ASS80 FD HI Bifolding Door.

The expertly designed Schuco ASS80 FD HI folding door offers slimmer sight lines as well as even better insulation than the ASS 7o model. Also having thermally insulated frames, this door model has extra insulation materials.  As a result, the ASS80 FD HI is not only very energy efficient but also slimmer than most other doors on the market.

The Schuco ASS80FDHi has sight lines of 112mm compared to the already slim 121mm of the ASS70 door. At the same time this door offers bigger sizes as well as costing slightly more.

The added features of the Schuco ASS80 bifolding door include:

  • High specifications with certified weather performance, security and industry standards.
  • Slim and aesthetically pleasing proportions, also having doors sizes up to 3 metres high.
  • Smooth glide action, thanks to premium door hardware and engineered rollers, hinges and guides.


System  Sight Line Maximum Door
Leaf Width
Maximum Door
Leaf Height
 Schuco ASS 80 FD 112mm 1200mm 3 metres
Schuco ASS70 FD 120mm 1200mm 3 metres

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Schuco remains one of the premium brands of bifolding doors also available throughout the UK

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