Frequently Asked Questions about Origin Aluminium Windows

As well as their market-leading range of bifolding doors, Origin also makes their very advanced Origin aluminium windows. Not only is the Origin window unique in its design, it is contemporary in appearance and offers customisation options not easily available with other brands of windows.

If you were impressed with the specifications, quality and impressive reviews around Origin bifolding doors, we answer some frequently asked questions about Origin aluminium windows.

origin aluminium windows


Are Origin windows and doors available supply only?

It is possible to purchase Origin bifolding doors and windows on a supply only basis.  Buying your new Origin windows and doors on a supply only basis can save money on installation costs and allows you to get a faster installation in some cases.

Your local Origin installer may offer a supply only service or Origin may be able to supply directly. Before you embark on supply only Origin bifolding doors or windows it is worth checking how the products could be affected.

  • The Origin guarantee may have clauses on who has installed your doors.
  • Always follow the installation instructions provided.
  • A builder installing bifolding doors may not offer the typical 10 year warranty offered by home improvement firms.
  • Ensure all installations are carried out correctly and meet the required building standards and other regulations.

What are Origin aluminium windows?

Origin aluminium windows are designed and made by Origin in their Buckinghamshire factory.  The Origin aluminium window comprises quality aluminium profiles with thermal insulation, premium window components and a durable powder coated finish to provide colour.

Where other manufacturing companies often choose one of the many UK aluminium window systems on the market and re-brand or re-engineer them, Origin designed their windows from scratch to meet the needs of the demanding UK market.

We have put together comprehensive information about Origin aluminium windows to help you understand the choices available.

How good are Origin aluminium windows?

Origin aluminium windows can be classed as a premium window for the home.  The design and engineering behind the window place it amongst the top brands of windows in the UK market such as Schuco, Reynaers and other fine brands.

For balance, it should be stressed that there is no 'bad' window on the market. Where they differ is who makes them, the overall supply chain and the quality of the components. So while many other windows will meet industry standards, some windows exceed them.  Where windows can differ is in their aesthetics, overall sightlines, and the options available with them.

Origin windows also use top brand window hardware such as locks by the trusted brand Yale. The powder coating of Origin windows comes from premier architectural powder coaters that are one of the best in the UK. Therefore as an overall product, the Origin aluminium window can be classed as a good window.


How thermally efficient are Origin Windows?

Origin windows come in two versions for thermal efficiency.  The standard Origin window uses quality 35mm polyamide thermal breaks to insulate the aluminium profile. Additionally, the thermal break features interlocking barriers to minimise airflow through the window.  This gives a typical U-Value of 1.5Wm2K with a double glazed Origin window or 1.1Wm2K with triple glazing.

Then there is the aerogel upgrade available with Origin windows.   Aerogel significantly improves the thermal performance of the Origin window by some margin.  Typical U-Values for a triple glazed window with Aerogel are 0.9Wm2K or A++. For a double glazed window with Aerogel the Window Energy Rating is A+6.

Regardless of insulation material, Origin aluminium windows exceed the U-Value called for by current Building Regulations.

How slim is an Origin aluminium window?

The Origin window is designed around the flush casement design that makes it quite different from PVCu and other aluminium windows.  You can read more about the advantages of the Origin window design.  Therefore, the Origin aluminium window is not the slimmest on the market but has a very individual design.  There is no other window that looks like an Origin window.

The typical sight lines of an Origin window are:

  • 91mm from the edge of the window to the glass line of the opening vent.
  • 50mm from the edge of the window to the glass line with a fixed pane.
  • 148mm at the mullion with an opening vent either side.
  • The depth of the window is 80mm making it ideal for new build or replacement window projects.


What other windows are similar to Origin’s aluminium window?

The flush casement arrangement inside and out, of the Origin window, means it has no direct competitor.  It is unique in its design.  There are, however, aluminium windows from Smart Systems with their new Alitherm 500 flush casement window, as well as Senior Systems and the Warmcore aluminium window that has a flush casement on the outside only.

You can read our review and comparison of the Origin window to Senior and Warmcore windows. 

What optional extras are available with Origin windows?

Origin aluminium windows come as fixed or opening out windows.  You can also create shaped windows, bay windows and a combination of windows and doors.

Aside from a big choice of colours and glass specification such as double or triple glazing, the following optional extras are also available with Origin windows.

  • Colour matched handles are one of the best features of Origin windows. Few other windows offer this option.
  • Most windows will require sitting on a cill and Origin cills are 95mm, 155mm and 185mm.  A bespoke cill pressing can also be provided by your local Origin dealer.
  • For those that want to use Origin fixing straps for newly built openings, these are available.
  • For trickle ventilators or site conditions needing a frame extension, these are available in 15mm or 35mm.
  • Trickle vents to meet the requirements of windows in new build homes and extensions.
  • Window vents can have their opening range limited with restrictor hooks - ideal for high-level windows.
  • Fire escape requirements are catered for with Egress stays that open to allow easy exit in the event of a fire.
  • A choice of black or white glazing gaskets.
  • A more durable marine grade finish. Please read our important article on marine grade guarantees to understand the difference between a marine grade finish and an actual marine guarantee finish.

How secure are Origin windows?

The Origin Window is certified to PAS 24. It helps to understand what this standard means.

Test samples of Origin windows have been submitted for independent testing to this security standard.  The windows passed these tests and passed without failure on the corner joints.

The hinges on Origin windows are from ferritic stainless steel providing corrosion resistance. The hinges have undergone extensive cycle testing to test for longevity and general wear.  The window hinges also have hinge guards along the hinged side of the window.

The locking system used is from the trusted Yale name with the Encloser lock model, fitted to every Origin casement opening window. This premium lock offers multiple locking points and Origin reports has exceeded the PAS 24:2012 security standard.

What is the flush casement on an Origin window?

A unique and cleverly engineered feature of the Origin aluminium window is the inside and outside flush casement detail. All other flush casement windows, including PVCu, have this flush detail on the outside only.  This is where the opening sash sits in the frame rather than overlapping it.

The flush casement arrangement on the Origin window needs to be seen to be appreciated.  Overlapping sections on other aluminium windows help keep windows weather resistant. Origin's flush casement on both the inside and outside creates a unique looking window but also one that is weather resistant with no overlapping frames. Clever engineering and design allow the flush casement details to sit neatly in the frame and create a contemporary aesthetic, but also a traditional one.


How much do Origin windows cost?

There is no standard or recommended retail price on Origin aluminium windows. Every window is made to order and customised to your individual requirements.  We give more information about how much Origin windows cost. 

Sizes, quantities, colour, glass specification, as well as installation considerations, can all affect the price.

The easiest way to get a price for your home is to contact us and we can put you in touch with one of the trained and approved Origin installers.

Do Origin windows look the same as Origin bifolding doors?

No.  Window and door profiles are entirely different.  The Origin bifolding door uses different outer frames and door panel sections compared to the Origin window that has a different suite of profiles.

The great thing about Origin products is that they are all made in the same factory, all come with a 20-year guarantee and have the same attention to detail and an eye on quality throughout.  All products feature multi-point locking systems, a big choice of colours as well.


Can Origin windows couple to bifolding doors and windows?

Yes, they can. An Origin window can couple to either the Origin bifolding door or Origin Residential Front Door to create sidelights, toplights or combination screens.

Aluminium couplers are used to connect the frames together.

How can I colour match Origin windows to other products.

If you are having Origin windows and aluminium sliding doors, lantern roofs, front doors or other products from other brands matching the colour should not be difficult.

The first thing to understand is that colour matching different product is not as simple as the same RAL colour.  Your local Origin dealer should be able to advise you on the best way to colour match all the various aluminium products.

If you use the same RAL number you will get a close match but not an exact match.  The only way to ensure an exact colour match is to use the same RAL reference from the same powder manufacturer. Contact us and we can provide help and advice.

The wood effect bifolding doors, entrance doors and windows offered by Origin you will not be able to colour match to woodstructure finishes from brands like Smart Systems.

Are Origin window suitable for large windows?

Origin windows are available in sizes that exceed the limits of other windows on the market that rely on heavy duty vent/sash sections to create large opening windows.

Top hung Origin windows are possible up to 1500mm wide and 1500mm high.

Side hung Origin windows are possible at a very impressive 1000mm wide and 1800mm wide. That is virtually a door size!

Fixed windows and large gable windows can be made up to any size subject to glass sizes, site conditions, wind-loading and other considerations.

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