Kawneer AA3720 Bifolding Doors

Kawneer also offers a highly sophisticated range of doors and windows that have been widely installed in some of the finest homes and apartments. For example the Kawneer AA3720 bifolding doors.

Ask anyone who makes some of the most technically superior doors and windows in the world and Kawneer is bound to be mentioned. Kawneer is one of the best-known companies for architectural aluminium. You will find Kawneer windows and doors installed in some of the most famous, architecturally challenging and beautiful buildings globally.

Technically advanced Kawneer bifolding doors

kawneer aluminium folding door.
Kawneer provides one of the most innovative and technically advanced bifolding doors on the market.

The Kawneer AA®3720 bifolding door is a slimline bifolding door in highly thermally efficient aluminium.  Designed for the architect, the discerning homeowner and for anyone that understands what is behind the Kawneer name, their bifolding doors offer slim lines, a designer appearance and are built to last.

Kawneer bifolding doors are available in a range of opening configurations and options and come with a choice of colours, hardware choices and frame designs.

Features of the Kawneer AA3720 bifolding doors.

The Kawneer door features ultra-slim frames that can also be integrated with other doors and windows.  The sight lines where the door panels meet is 145mm with a modern flatline appearance.

Kawneer doors are intended to meet the requirement of any standard or more intricate design.  For example, doors can be coupled to sidelights, can be provided with an open corner arrangement and be made up to 1200mm wide and 2900mm high. This satisfies a popular customer requirement for larger, wider and much taller bifolding doors than standard products.

Handle and lock options feature multi-point locking, contemporary designer handles, attractive intermediate handles and security cylinders.

Doors are available in flatline or rounded profiles as well as a wide choice of thresholds.  The slimmest threshold is 10-15mm depending on how it is set into the floor.

The other advantage of the slimline Kawneer AA®3720 bifolding door is that it features narrow dimensions when all the doors are stacked together, making it ideal for compact spaces but where a folding door may still be required.

A sophisticated folding door from a global name in aluminium.

A Kawneer bifolding door offers a different type of bifolding door to the mainstream systems and one that is brilliantly designed, impressive in specifications, superb in its security and robust.  Weather performance is excellent as is the quality of all the hardware.

Above all, the name Kawneer standards for innovation, design, expertise and know-how in architectural aluminium windows and doors.


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