Dutemänn Haus front doors

Dutemänn Haus front doors are high-end, designer aluminium front doors, expertly made by Dutemann UK and sold throughout the UK.

dutemänn haus front doors

About Dutemänn Haus aluminium front doors

Amongst upper-tier aluminium front doors, the Haus product is especially suitable for residential property. It’s ideal for those homes needing a new door with all the benefits of aluminium as a material. Slim lines, extensive colour choice and excellent strength are just some of the aluminium advantages. As well as this, aluminium surfaces provide colours in satin, matt, gloss or textured surfaces, giving a distinctive looking doors in the home.

The quality and reliability of these doors also makes them suitable for light commercial applications. For instance, smaller apartment blocks, conversions of larger houses into flats and similar properties.

The manufacture of Haus front doors is first-class with the modern factory environment, highly trained staff and strict quality control procedures.

These doors have all the features and benefits for the home. They use high-end aluminium systems, top-brand hardware and with a professionally applied and guaranteed surface finish. Therefore they provide optimum reliability, functionality, energy efficiency and security.

Overview of features and benefits of Dutemänn-made doors

First of all are the branded Schuco profiles of every Haus front door. Schuco aluminium systems are generally regarded as one of the best aluminium brands. Haus Doors use Schuco profiles throughout the doors set. Then they’re combed with thick, strong, reinforced and highly insulated aluminium panels. They’re an excellent alternative to other premium doors such as the Thermo 46 by Hörmann.

The is the high security and weather performance. The German-engineered high security locks, cylinders and other door components make these doors some of the best. Automatic locking comes as standard.

The doors come as open in or out, with a choice of threshold and matching side or top glazing. Quality glass combines with matching high performance aluminium. There’s also double door solutions for larger openings.

44 different panel styles provide a range of solid or partially glazed designs. The door panels provide excellent thermal insulation and low 1.2Wm2K U-Values. Importantly, Dutemann doors state a hole door set U-Value where many other brands only mention the door panel itself. The door panels combine with the already high thermal properties of the aluminium frame and door sash.

Our full review of the Dutemänn front doors range provides even more information about this premium aluminium front door for the home. It’s packed with high specifications, features and a distinctive appearance.

dutemänn haus front door in grey

More information about Dutemänn Haus front doors

Where doors come from and who makes them is important when choosing quality aluminium doors. Award-winning Dutemänn only makes aluminium. Homeowners benefit from one of the best made front doors backed by an aluminium specialist. The trade also benefits with reliable supply, support and marketing, as well as a door product packed with features and excellent designs.

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