Comar 7P.i FSDX Bifolding Door

The Comar 7P.i FSDX is the new bifolding door from Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems.  The latest generation of aluminium bifolding door from Comar offers excellent stability and rolling action, a near-silent operation and even better weight-bearing capacity.

Comar is the largest independent aluminium systems company in the UK, also trading for over fifty years. The Comar bifolding door comes designed for both residential and commercial installations.

comar 7p.i fsdx bifolding door

Information about the Comar 7P.i FSDX Bifolding Door.

The Comar 7P.i Series of aluminium door systems is part of the overall range of aluminium products from Comar.  In addition to a folding sliding door, there is a comprehensive range of aluminium windows, residential doors, curtain walling and sliding doors.

Specifically, the 7.P.i range comprises all manner of door options such as commercial doors, lift and slide doors and residential single and double doors. There is also the enhanced insulation 9P.i suite.  This offers even better thermal performance with Low U- Values, intended for doors in dwellings or large glazed windows and screens.

The new Comar sliding folding door comes designed with all the functionality of a bifold but with enhanced specifications and features.

Comar 7P.i FSDX comes designed for fabricators and installers. Easy to specify, easy to make and designed for long-term performance with reduced call-outs for installers.

First of all, for fabricators of the doors, Comar provides all the tools needed to estimate and fabricate the product.  The V6 Genesis software not only offers accurate costings, but it also produces all the cutting lists, component lists and information for fabricators to make the product.  As well as this, Comar Systems provides a comprehensive range of production punch presses.

Punch presses are widely used in the fabrication of doors and screens.  Cheaper than a full CNC machining centre and providing accurate cut-outs for locks, hinges and end bar preparations. As a result, those aluminium manufacturers interested in making a new system such as the FDX benefit from less investment in costly factory machinery. Besides offering software and tooling, Comar provides full training in manufacturing, fitting and even specifying their products for the commercial and residential markets.

There are 2 crimping options: pinned cleats for creating pre-assembled outer frames that can be shipped to site or mechanical cleats which means the outer-frame can be shipped to assemble on site – a key consideration when larger door sets are to be installed.

Comar 7P.i FSDX Bifolding Door, product highlights.

The new Comar bifold comes with several great features beyond the standard features of bifolding doors. As standard, the doors come with.

  • Highly insulated aluminium profiles.
  • Meets all the current security and weather performance standards.
  • Open in or open out doors with two up to eight door panels.
  • Double or triple glazing options.
  • Slim 120mm mullion sightlines.
  • Extensive range of RAL powder coated, anodised and special finishes.

Door panels up to 1300mm wide.

First of all, are the larger door sizes. With door panels up to 1300mm wide, these doors provide a cheaper and bigger door solution compared to other systems.  1300mm wide door panels also allow popular four-metre door sizes to have three panels where other systems need four.  Therefore the larger door panels mean bigger glass sizes, better views and less visible aluminium.

Slim bifolding door sightlines

The 120mm sightlines of the Comar FSDX Bifolding door make this product one of the top bifolding doors in the UK for sightlines. Comar bifolds sit equally on sightlines with Schuco and beat Smart Systems, Aluk, Reynaers and other systems on the market.

Reduced aluminium sightlines, bigger glass and better views offer homeowner appeal and added value sales features to the trade.

High quality components.

A brand new roller system on the Comar FDX bifolding door is designed to be the quietest while also having a superior construction and design.  Improved weight-bearing, silent action, durable materials and heavy-duty capability also ensure a more reliable product long term.  Foam pads on the roller pillar seal this critical component to the door better too.

The stainless steel track works with the silent roller system to also keep the roller wheels in constant contact with the track even where the structural opening may have imperfections.

New door hinge designs feature a central gasket strip.  Importantly this reduces the time needed on site preparing the hinge gaskets.

Therefore, the latest innovations in new hardware provide for a quieter, better sealed and more reliable door.

Larger door panels and greater weight capability.

With door panel sizes of up to 120kg, the Comar 7P.i FSDX accepts heavier glass such as 62mm triple glazing, acoustic glass or units with integral blinds.

The heavy weight-capability also allows door panels of 1300mm wide and 3000mm high.

Matching outer frame and jamb profile.

Mitred frame corners improve the look of the door internally and externally. The door comes with the same head and jamb profile enabling the neater corner construction as well as consistent sightlines.

Fabricators have a choice of two possible methods of corner assembly.  First is the pinned cleat option. This is the preferred option for those wanting the door frame to arrive pre-assembled and ready to install. The other option is a mechanical jointed corner. Mechanical joints are better for larger door sets of five metres or more.  Here the door frame arrives ready to assemble on-site with only simple assembly required.

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