Morley Glass new and improved app


The UK's well-known manufacturer of integral blinds, Morley Glass, now lets users of their MB System blind work with a new and improved app.

With home automation widely used today, controlling the blinds via an app brings the kind of functionality and convenience now enjoyed with lighting, heating and more.

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Uni-blinds® integral blinds manufacturer Morley Glass & Glazing has developed a new and improved app with home integration company Loxone, allowing users to open and close their motorised integral blinds from a tablet or smartphone.

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Use Morley Glass Blinds anywhere in the world

By integrating Morley Glass & Glazing’s fully electronic MB System Uni-Blinds® into the Loxone app, blinds can now be operated using WiFi connected devices from anywhere in the world.  The app is available for immediate installation into MB Systems, including retrofitting into previous projects.

Ian Short, Morley Glass & Glazing managing director, said:

We were inundated with requests from customers for a way to operate their integral blinds remotely using an app. We worked closely with DV Smarthomes in association with Loxone to make sure the final product not only offers all the features we have been asked for, but a lot more besides.

Using the app, blinds can be programmed to open and close at set times of the day, especially useful when homeowners are on holiday, and they can even be linked via a subscription service to temperature controls, allowing them to close automatically before rooms get too hot. 

Finally, the app can be integrated into home automation systems via the Loxone Miniserver, offering flexibility and expandability with up to 30 extensions to integrate various domestic applications such as lighting, heating, safety and security, energy management and entertainment systems.

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