ALUMIL Sliding Doors

ALUMIL has one of the best-engineered sliding door products on the market.  Available are the latest inline or lift and slide doors as well as ultra-slim and near-frameless sliding doors, such as the S650 PHOS.

Every ΑLUMIL sliding door offers multiple opening options, superior insulated aluminium profiles and top-of-the-line components. The door furniture provided to sliding doors is also of premium quality with fine aesthetics and functionality. ALUMIL doors suit both new openings as well as replacing old patio doors.

alumil sliding doors
Slim sightlines and large glass panels feature prominently on ALUMIL Sliding Doors.

Information about ALUMIL Sliding Doors.

The SUPREME range of sliding doors from Alumil is the latest generation of systems. These feature the latest thermal break technology and create functional and premium sliding doors.

For architect-designed projects or those products needing specific features and function, ALUMIL patio sliding doors offer a solution. Every ALUMIL sliding door comes made by a specially trained network of fabricators, following strict technical and manufacturing processes.  The installation is also precise to ensure these technically advanced doors fit correctly and ensure ongoing reliability.

Finally, these doors follow the present ALUMIL design philosophy of minimalist sliding doors having narrow aluminium sightlines, maximising the glass area as a result.

As standard, doors come with thermally insulated profiles having the latest polyamide thermal breaks with additional materials within the profile cavity.  As well as multiple sliding door configurations, come open corner sliding doors and patio doors with low thresholds. Also available is a range of special aluminium profiles, creating bespoke designs such as multiple-sash sliding doors.

ALUMIL sliding patio doors are best-in-class products comparable with other leading European and British systems.


ALUMIL’S S650 PHOS sliding patio door is the latest product providing a minimalist sliding patio door with a near-frameless appearance.

Key features include the option to fit the outer frame within the structure creating an all-glass sliding wall. The interlock measures just 25mm also adding to the sleek aesthetics. With a weight capacity of 600kg per panel, the system also allows the creation of very large sliding doors.

Several other features include concealed drainage in the low threshold as well as the option to direct fix. As a result the ALUMIL S650 PHOS provides an excellent slimline sliding door in replacement door projects.  Multi-point locking, premium door furniture and rollers ensure smooth sliding and easy operation.

 S650 PHOS E-Motion.

For anyone looking for an automatic sliding patio door, the S650 PHOS E-Motion offers and electric/automatic version of the standard 650 model.

Ideal for architecturally-designed homes, the door has a hidden door mechanism with quiet operation. The door comes with the option of hard-wired or remote control operation and the same thin 25mm interlock. The typical safety features include automatic stopping of the door in case of obstruction as well as a manual override in case of power failure. Finally, the door offers a connection with the latest home automation systems.

S700 Supreme.

For those looking for a premium lift and slide patio door, ALUMIL S700 is one of the most up-to-date sliding doors and a luxurious top-of-the-line system.

The S700 Supreme meets any requirement for a standard or large size sliding patio door available in two, three, four or six panels. As standard come thermally insulated profiles, high quality door handles and a slimline 47mm mullion. Another feature of the door is its ability to span over 6 metres with just two panels. Also available is a weathered low threshold and a huge choice of colours.

This door is designed for high performance, also featuring a sophisticated threshold with excellent drainage with impressive severe weather performance.

alumil s650 phos
ALUMIL sliding doors feature low threshold with sophisticated drainage and excellent weather resistance.

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alumil logo As well as the Supreme range, ALUMIL has many other sliding door models for internal and external use.  Contact us for further information as well as where to buy or obtain a quotation.


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