Residential Systems from AluK

The AluK suite of products provides window, door and framing solutions for both residential, commercial and specialist markets.

The range comprises a variety of thermally efficient door, window, screening and facade glazing products.  All are tested to the current standards and in the majority of products, exceed them.

steel style window

A comprehensive range of products all regarded as one of the most rigorously tested and high performing ranges available today.

To the fabricator, the AluK Range gives them the ability to offer a wide product range all from one systems house to their customer base.  To the installer, Aluk provides a range of commercial and residential systems to suit their chosen markets, or both.

All AluK Products are backed with unrivalled support, marketing, literature, training and much more.
Widely used in residential homes and highly specified by architects and developers for apartment blocks and other buildings, Aluk windows and doors include a wide selection of windows, sliding doors, folding doors framing and glazing solutions.

Residential Casement Windows Optio 58BW

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The Residential Casement Suite is available in a wide range of configurations and options.  The Residential casement suite offers a variety of framing sections, flat, chamfered or Ovolo details to cater for the diversity of the window market in differing regions.  Unique is the double beading option that removes the need for dummy vents and a suite that is highly secure and thermally efficient

Steel Replacement Aluk Optio 58BW ST

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Steel Windows have been the staple product in British Homes and Buildings for over 100 years.  Where old steel windows require replacement, Aluk offers the perfect solution for the replacement of existing steel windows.  Aluk 58BW STSteel Replacement Windows are carefully designed to replicate the appearance and slim sight lines of Crittall or Steel windows with superior security, weather and thermal performance.

Refurbishment Casement Windows Aluk 77IW

commercial casement 1280

Commercial Installations demand a higher performing window.  Aluk offers the 77IW Open in and Open Out Casements.  These provide a clean, flat and robust appearance to suit today’s modern commercial buildings.  Available in a wide variety of styles, Aluk Commercial Windows offer internal beading, integration with other systems, eurogroove facility and more advanced features.

Aluk 58BW Tilt Before Turn Windows


The Aluk Tilt and Turn windows suit both commercial and residential applications and are ideal for high rise buildings or where ease of cleaning with internal glazing is essential.  Offered with a diverse range of profiles they offer a clean contemporary profile, customisable hardware and much more.

Fully Reversible Windows Aluk 58BW

fully reversible adv tsr render 1280

The fully reversible windows offer high rise, easy cleaning solutions for residential and commercial buildings.  With a system designed not to encroach inside the building, the Aluk  Reversible Window rotates completely on itself yet remains on the outside of the building.

Aluk Optio 58BD Residential Door

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A quality aluminium door, specifically designed for the UK retail market, the Aluk Optio 58BE Residential Door offers high security, weather resistance and customisable furniture.  Unique polyamide sections with eurogroove it’s also available with a maximum security upgrade.

Folding Sliding Door Optio BSF70

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The Optio BSF70 bi-fold door  is arguably one of the most widely used and successful bifolding doors in the marketplace today and upon which many others are judged.  A very competent and high quality folding sliding door with softline detailing, low threshold options and a choice of profiles.

Also available is the more premium Luminia F82 bi-fold door with enhanced security, thermal and acoustic performance and greater size capability.

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