Commercial Systems from AluK

The architectural fenestration market is strong and offering architects and designers the right range of products is key.  The range of commercial systems from AluK provides solutions for the architectural fenestration market.

The range of products from AluK are designed for the commercial sector, for meeting architectural design briefs includes products to cater for their specific and sometimes demanding designs and requirements.

The product range offers large opening vents, structural façades, oversize doors and windows and large expanse glazing where required. These high specification products provide solutions suited to both low level and high rise applications.

The AluK range encompasses a variety of thermally enhanced commercial window, door, screening and facade products that gives you the flexibility to create impressive, functional and high-performance architectural fenestration.

Aluk Aluminium Windows.

origin ow-70 windows

Optio Windows. The Optio range of aluminium windows comprises casement, tilt and turn and reversible windows. All are suitable for residential or commercial applications as well as contemporary or traditional designs. The Optio 58BW ST Steel Replacement offers slim sight lines and a solution for those wanting steel look windows or to replace old metal windows.

77IW  Windows offer an Open-In Window with the  77IW product widely used for commercial, high-rise and refurbishment projects. The 77IWE Open-Out Window uses similar profiles and the conventional opening out method of operation.

Aluk Curtain Walling

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Facade Glazing is key to the design of most modern buildings. Aluk offers the SL50, the SL52 and the SG52 facade systems. All create impressive, functional glass facades.

Capped systems offer a variety of mullions and transoms, aesthetic and architectural cappings, integrates fully with door and window systems and can even create 8 metres of unsupported atriums.

Aluk Ground Floor Framing Systems


GT55 Ground Floor framing is a versatile and flexible ground floor framing system, working perfectly with the Aluk Commercial Aluminium Door. Available in either bead or pocket glazing, non-thermal or thermal forms, it’s suitable for both single and double storey applications, ladder frame construction for ease of installation and fully compatible with Aluk Windows and Doors

LPS 1175 Commercial Door.

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The only high performance and ultra secure commercial door system on the market, the LPS 1175 door offers the maximum in security providing secure resistance to intruder attack by combining the inherent strength and durability of aluminium with the very latest in security hardware.

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