AluK Windows Product Information

AluK aluminium windows can meet the replacement window needs of any kind of home irrespective of age or design.

The AluK 58BW window system comprises a suite of slim aluminium window profiles suitable for all types of properties.

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What kind of property could benefit from AluK Windows?

The large frame, sash and profile options available with AluK windows means that any property can benefit from aluminium windows.  Whatever option is chosen for the windows, all benefit from a wide colour choice, excellent security, high thermal values and customisable to suit the needs of bay windows, trickle vents, enhanced security or specific designs.

Aluminium Windows for Traditional Properties

For traditional properties AluK offer Chamfered, Ovolo, Bay window and Heritage profiles.  These are several options to ensure the original aesthetics are retained. These are aluminium profiles that feature rounded or feature profiles designed to replicate the look of the original windows they are replacing.

Ovolo profiles generally feature rounded soft edges to the windows.  Chamfered show a step detail on the vent section. Heritage profiles are also available for properties needing an exact match for old steel windows or Crittall replacements in aluminium.

Aluminium Windows for Modern Properties

The modern property will quite likely require flat profiles with no ovolo or chamfered detail.

Typically these can be ultra slim window profiles or larger flatter sections where bolder lines are required.

AluK offer a range of contemporary aluminium windows that can create large glazed vision panels and large opening vents.

For the more modern property, AluK Aluminium windows are available as Top Hung, Side Hung, Tilt and Turn, Fully Reversible and Crittall or Steel Replacement formats.

Aluminium Windows for replacing old Crittall Windows

For the replacement of old Crittall steel windows, the ST variant of the AluK 58BW system is an excellent modern window replacement.

This slim steel look aluminium window can accurately match the look of the previous steel windows that are often an essential part of the look of the home. Importantly aluminium Crittall window replacements will offer far greater levels of security and energy efficiency than the old steel windows.

All AluK Aluminium windows offer many other features

Depending on the property, the application or the design of the windows, the AluK window is available with other enhancements and options.  These include:

  • Outer frame depths of 70mm or  58mm to suit direct fix window replacements or windows for new build homes.
  • Windows are available externally or internally beaded.
  • Ancillary profiles to meet the needs of the Building Regulations for where trickle vents may be required.
  • Advanced insulation utilising the latest in Thermal Break Technology
  • Will meet the security requirements of ‘Secured by Design’.
  • Will accept a wide variety of double glazed units ranging from 24mm  up to 44mm thick for triple glazing or greater acoustic performance and thermal efficiency.

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