ATS Visitor Stats

The Aluminium Trade Supply website was created in September 2010 and over the years has grown into a considerable resource for information about aluminium products in fenestration.

In fact we now have over 1,000 pages and articles about everything from curtain walling to bifolding doors. Over the years we have reviewed hundreds of products and written about some of the wider issues surrounding our industry.  We believe the Aluminium Trade Supply Website to be the only aluminium information resource of its kind.

We are incredibly proud of our content and very flattered by the attention that the website receives from all elements of the supply chain. We regularly receive enquiries from consumers, installers, fabricators and systems companies; either asking for information or seeking to work with us to promote their products.

Underlying all of our content is a determination to be objective and fair in writing about products and how they compare to their competition. This isn’t always easy.

We have exciting plans for the future, but for now, we would like to share some statistics about our traffic and the visitors (you) to our website.

Visitors: Unique and Repeat

Google Analytics is generally accepted as being the default web traffic analysis tool. If you don’t already know, this works by inserting a small piece of code onto each page on a website along with a cookie on a visitor’s computer. This is partly why all websites now must display a warning asking for your consent to use cookies. We do not collect any personally identifiable information about visitors.

The chart below shows the number of unique visitors to the ATS website, and the type of device they access the site from.

ats stats to sept 2016
Showing unique visitors and time on site.

Each unique visitor generates page view.  If a visitor returns to the site within 30 days they are not counted as being unique and register a fresh page view.  The above figures are consistent with the increased use of mobile devices (mobile and tablet).

Although Google Analytics are an industry standard way to measure visitors to a website, there are some caveats.

Over the last couple of years the presence of “referral spam” has become a real problem.  If you’re familiar with Google Analytics referral traffic you’ll be used to seeing visitors from sites with silly sounding names, for example, and  We filter this “ghost” traffic from our reports to ensure that they are as accurate as possible.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows about this problem and will produce site stats that cannot be relied on.

The chart below shows the growth of the site since we started back in 2010:

ats stats 2010 to 2016
Overall traffic from October 2010 to September 2016

By the way.  If you’re wondering what the dip midway through 2016 is, we think it’s the Referendum effect. We saw a similar dip in traffic across all the sites that we manage.

We will update this post periodically, but if you would like to know more about our traffic numbers, visitor interactions and how our website can bring your business in front of thousands of people, please get in touch.

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