The advantages of Clearview Sash Windows?

Clearview Sash Windows are the latest generation aluminium vertically sliding windows and supercedes the very successful Mk2 window.

Clearview Sash windows were introduced in October 2010 and since then thousands of windows have been installed where only an aluminium vertical sliding window will do or to replace buildings already installed with older style sash windows.

Clearview Sash Windows bring fifty years experience in aluminium sash windows and the latest Alumatherm window is testament to the ongoing design, development and product improvements constantly carries out by the Clearview Group.

There are few companies in this industry that choose to manufacture and set their destiny on just the one product but Clearview have been doing this for years.  Sash windows are all they make and the Alumatherm product is the only one they manufacture.

The aluminium sliding window market as mentioned before is limited in what it offers either residentially or commercially.  Clearview Sash Windows are arguably leading the field in this product that is dominated by pvc alternatives to sash windows.  The Clearview Alumatherm Sash Window is arguably the best sliding window available today.

So what are the advantages of the Clearview Sash Windows?

Clearview Sash Windows, also known as Alumatherm is bespoke to your specification. Size, colour or hardware.

Concealed balance covers mean you cannot see the balancing hardware and you cannot see how the sashes slide (a common feature of cheaper pvcu windows). The secondary benefit is the reduction in any air infltration.

Alumatherm is available in a choice of powder coated or anodised finishes from shades of bronze, silver through to champagne.

Alumatherm has many patented and patent pending features making this window our most advanced yet.

A retractable parting bead (the first in the UK) replicates the original box sash window look. The parting bead gives form and function. Both sashes have the ability to tilt inwards for cleaning the outside face.

External sash profiles all have a putty line detail. This replicates the 45 degree chamfer found externally on traditional wood sash windows.

Alumatherm will accept 24mm sealed units. The C rated window is made up of two sheets of 4mm glass and a 16mm airspace. Diamant low iron glass to the outside pane, 16mm warm edge swisspacer, 90% argon gas fill and 4mm planitherm total plus soft cost interior pane

A new decorative horn is now available. The horn detail is designed to retro fit to windows already installed.

Flush sight lines gives more daylight and less visible frame. This ensures the maximum thermal benefit from the glass unit.

Alumatherm has a 43mm tall slim bottom rail as standard or an optional 90mm deep bottom rail. The ‘C’ rating can still achieved when using the deep bottom rail.

25mm wide polyurethane thermal breaks using high performance Azon resins are in all profiles. Even when curved to a 500mm radius the thermal resin will not crack.

114mm fitter – friendly frame depth. The outerframe is equal leg all around.

A meeting rail of just 36mm high. Within the meeting rail is a radical box and ‘T’ design which resists deflection or bow. The slim meeting rail gives more glass area, more light, less frame and is close to the original wooden box sash window look.

Both sashes are Internally beaded & security tape glazed. The glass being bonded to the sash allows for larger frames to be made as it becomes a solid unit where profiles can not move.

Full gloss white powder coated finish to RAL 9910 gloss off-the-shelf. Any standard RAL finish is available.

Flush cill with a choice of front face heights –12mm (standard), 41mm or 59mm. 38mm Jamb add ons are available for when installing into deep plaster lines.

Trickle vents are available in 2000mm2, 4000mm2, 6000mm2, 8000mm2 or bespoke whole width vents.

Clearview Sash Windows are suitable for residential and commercial installations and have all the advantages of Aluminium!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you an architect or installer who is interested in exploring the advantages of the Clearview Sash Windows.

Published on September 29, 2012