Nigel Grant UPVC expertly and brilliantly Refurbishes an Old Conservatory

An excellent example of conservatory refurbishment by Nigel Grant UPVC

Our Article yesterday on Refurbishing Your Conservatory prompted a response from Nigel Grant of Nigel Grant UPVC who from our online conversations clearly runs a good business and is thoroughly professional.  He is listed on our Window and Door Company Directory as well as a good twitter friend, @NigelGrantUpvc

The point of the article was to explain that conservatories are now approaching an age where replacement or refurbishment is required and often refurbishment is the most cost effective and viable option.

Nigel Grant Commented on this artice:

The market is getting busier all the time for replacement Conservatories roofs/frames.  With most fitted 10/20 years ago, they are all getting to the end of life expectancies.

I have recently replaced a old Ultralite 500 roof and frames. (The customers never used (it) because it was either to hot or to cold).   With a mordern Ultraframe roof ,high spec glass and A-Rated frames, Now the customer tells me “We spend most of their time in the Conservatory . It`s like having a completely new room”

This took me to his facebook page where there are some before and after photos of Conservatory Refurbishment by Nigel Grant UPVC and with this being an aluminium wesbite, even I was impressed enough to create this post to highlight the excellent work done on this old conservatory by Nigel Grant UPVC.

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Published on March 25, 2012