Curtains and Blinds for Bifolding Doors – The options

As we improve our home with large glass windows and big folding the next obvious question is what curtains or blinds for bifolding doors are available?  We take a look at the options available for providing privacy and shade.

Blinds for bifolding doors – Some things to consider.

blinds for bifolding doors
If you are in the market for bifolding doors you have a wide choice when it comes to blinds.

One of the best things about blinds for bifolding doors is that most types can fit on each door panel. This removes the need to raise the entire blind to only open the traffic door on a bifold as a good example. Most of the reputable blind suppliers recommend that a bifolding door looks much better with an individual blind on each door.

With a large glazed product such as a bifold, the blind will be far more visible and much bigger than window blinds in the home. Therefore choosing the right type and colour is important.

Origin Blinds for bifolding doors.

If you are looking for your bifolding doors and blinds to be provided by the same company, Origin bifolding doors with Origin blinds provide both doors and a choice of blinds. Origin is one of the best known names in the UK for bifolding doors and they also offer a complete range of manual and motorised blinds.

Integral blinds for bifolding doors.

Integral blinds are horizontal blinds fitted between the glass of a double or triple glazed unit. Integral blinds are very popular for bifolding doors, but are also a more permanent option as they are part of the glass rather than an individual blind.

Venetian Blinds for bifolding doors.

Venetian Blinds are the traditional version of the integral blind with horizontal slats, giving control, flexibility and a range of positions. The taller the door the more bulk you may find at the top when the blind is raised with all the slats bunched together. However, Venetian blinds remain one of the most popular choices for a bifolding door.

Roller Blinds for bifolding doors

Roller blinds are one of the simplest ways to accessorise a bifolding door with a simplistic design and method of operation. They also word really well with the contemporary lines of a modern aluminium bifold and are easy to install.

There is even a motorised roller blind that can have the mechanism invisibly located above the bifolds. With no visible mechanism in sight, as the blinds lower they appear to fall from inside the ceiling.

Roman Blinds for bifolding doors.

Roman blinds are a stylish option to cover bifolding doors but will obscure part of the door when fully opened and folded up. They may not be ideal for bifolding doors that open inwards. A Roman blind is great if there are other windows in the room and you want a matching appearance. When fitted to a bifold, Roman blinds still enable each panel to have its blind operated individually.

Glamour Blinds for bifolding doors.

Glamour blinds such as those by Origin comprise alternating layers of blind strips. Each moves independently helping reduce glare and controlling levels of light. they are very contemporary in appearance as well. Glamour blinds comprise a wheel mechanism that aligns the darker blind strips behind each other to let light in or on top of each other to provide privacy. You can even raise the entire blind and have the choice an included fascia or no fascia at all.

Vertical blinds for bifolding doors.

For large glass areas such as bifolding doors, Vertical blinds can work well. They provide a longer aesthetic making your doors appear taller and offer a broad range of adjustment as well.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds are heavily marketed as ideal for PVCu windows and doors. They need no screws or drilling and sit well within the existing frame and glass. They are a great way of fitting an integral blind to a PVCu bifold on each individual panel and are simple for the homeowner to install without specialist help.

Curtains for bifolding doors.

The curtain remains a good option for bifolding doors because they are easy to fit, can be changed as desired and still a key feature of the British home. What you may not know is that thick fabric curtains can also help keep your home warmer and more energy efficient as well, helping reduce the heat loss even more, even with the latest energy efficient bifolding door.

Other options?

We would love to hear about any ideas you might have about dressing bifolding doors.  The list above is probably not exhaustive, so an interior designer would be your best bet if you’re still looking for inspiration.

If you have seen something particularly striking, please tell us.


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