Questions about motorised integral blinds and how they work.

Motorised integral blinds enable the easy raising, lowering and tilting of the unit without the manual operation of cord or magnet controlled blinds.

For large spans of glazing, banks of bifolding or sliding doors, and even high-level windows, a motorised electric blind can be convenient and a great showpiece for a new installation. We answer some common questions about motorised integral blinds.

What motors do motorised Integral blinds have?

motorised integral blinds.
Motorised integral blinds are ideal for large glass areas such as in bifolding and sliding doors.

The MB-System from Morley Glass, one of the best known integral glass manufacturers in the UK, is a good example of a current motorised integral blind. This blind utilises the latest technology and motor.

A quality motorised integral blind will have a quiet motor. The MB-System even has a plug-in diagnostic feature. In the unlikely event of motorised integral blinds not working, it is easy to identify the cause and the source of the fault.

Are motorised integral blinds quiet?

A high quality motorised integral blind should feature a brushless motor that is far quieter than the previous generation of blind motor systems. The effect of a more quiet motor is less friction, less wear and therefore greater reliability.

Many quality integral blinds have had their motors subjected to intensive cycle testing. Again using the leading Screenline Integral Blind from Morley Glass as an example, the motor has been tested at the internationally renowned IFT Rosenheim Institute in Germany. There the motor was put through cycle testing surpassing more than 60,000 cycles.

How do motorised blinds work in several panels together?

A bifolding door is an excellent example of a two to six or even seven panel door. It is up to the customer whether all blinds in all panels operate together or independently.

With a motorised integral blind, the motors can be programmed to operated at the desired speed. Typically in a bifold, the homeowner wants to see the blinds raise and lower in a synchronised way.

What methods are there for operating motorised integral blinds?

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The discreet solar panels on a Screenline integral blind.

There are three main ways you can choose to run motorised integral blinds, although other options are also available.

  • Hard wired to the mains.
  • Remote control operation.
  • Solar controlled.

There are even options to connect integral blinds to the latest Home Automation systems as well.

How are motorised integral blinds supplied?

To make installation easy, you should expect the integral blind to have a pre-wired control box for easy installation. This enables only a single wire from the blinds to be connected to the property. Therefore complications with installation can be avoided. Advice should always be sought from a qualified electrician.

Motorised integral blinds come with all the features of the product such as colour choice, as well as glass units from 28mm thickness and above, including triple glazing.

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