Planitherm 4S Glass and Integral Blinds

Integral blinds are now firmly established as one of the best accessories for bifolding doors, providing one of the most convenient solutions for privacy and shading.

Bifolding doors have evolved into one of the most desirable home improvement products, but in choosing new bifolds, there is a consideration of how to control light and shade in the summer months as well as good insulation in the winter. A quality glass construction and an integral blind can create a very well insulated unit for bifolding doors.

A quality integral blind requires quality glass units.

origin doors with integral blinds.
Screenline integral blinds use high specification, Saint-Gobain Planitherm 4S coated glass.

The glass technology used in modern bifolding doors and double glazing now comprises latest generation glass. In a quality and thermally efficient glass unit for bifolds are quality glass, advanced coatings, warm edge spacer bars and a sealed quality construction. Even without integral blinds, bifolding doors in the home don’t compromise on comfort, thanks to modern glass.

A good example is the low-e softcoat Planitherm glasses used with Morley Glas integral blinds. The Planitherm 4S version is one of the leading glass types for controlling solar gain in the summer and retaining heat in the winter.

Integral blinds by Morley Glass use Planitherm Glass.

The use of soft coat Low-E Planitherm glass has been used in Screenline integral blinds for more than ten years. Morley Glass, manufacturers of integral blinds in the UK, has continued to improve the glass specification of it’s integral blinds. This means a window or a door with an integral blind can continue to meet the U-Values and Energy ratings of Part L in the current Building Regulations.

An integral blind made with Planitherm 4S glass can reflect up to 57% of the sun’s heat and delivers a centre pane U-Value of just 1.0 W/m2K.

Another feature of Screenline Integral blinds is glass quality for clarity. The coating used on the glass does not create a colour haze meaning the coated glass units remain clear when looked through.

Morley Glass & Glazing is the UK’s biggest manufacturer of integral blinds available in a choice of colours, manual and automatically controlled.

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