Comparing Pellini and Holis Integral Blinds

The market for integral blinds offers few choices for consumers. There are many different manufacturers of glass but not as many ‘systems’ for integral blinds.

By far the leading system for integral blinds is the Pellini range of Screenline blinds. Pellini is an Italian system and has been in the marketplace for a long time.

Another system is the Holis Range of Integral blinds. Holis blinds operate from Israel, established 30 years and has over 90 different product lines in window coverings, outside of integral blinds.

Comparing the Holis and Pellini Integral Blinds.

Both Holis and Pellini offer a different integral blind proposition. While the end product is very much an integral blind designed to sit within a double glazed unit, these two brands of blinds differ in a few key areas.

bathroom with integral blind
Holis blinds come from a company that specialises in all manner of window coverings.

Holis Blinds.

  • The Hollis Blind is perceived as being the cheaper blind in price depending on the size and specification chosen.
  • Holis blinds are operated from the outside by handles or remote control.
  • Holis integral blinds offer colour matched cords where a cord control blind is specified.
  • Holis blinds come with a housing made from PVCu as well as aluminium.

Pellini Blinds

bifolding doors with integral blinds
Morley Glass offer the world leading Pellini Screenline blind in an RAL 7106 alternative.
  • Pellini Screenline blinds are regarded as the higher quality product.
  • Comes in a choice of controls.
  • Works with an internal brushless motor not found on Holis.
  • More opening options available.
  • Blinds are lighter than Holis.

Colour options between Pellini and Holis Blinds.

The choice of integral blind slats is where these two brands of integral blinds differ. Holis offer 18 different colours, compared to only ten available with Pellini.

That said, both Pellini and Holis blinds offer colours not provided by each brand. The standout feature of the Pellini blind is the provision of the favourite Anthracite Grey colour that is so popular today in aluminium bifolding doors and windows. Pellini Blinds also come in yellow, green and blue colours.

By comparison, Holis blinds feature woodgrain colour slats, versions of white finish, and even black. It is colour choices that are the key differences in these two products.

Holis we found also comes in an integral blind where the housings are made from PVCu and not aluminium as expected. Holis claims that this provides a cheaper and more thermally efficient integral blind.  As a company, Holis specialises in all types of window coverings and not just integral blinds.

Colours Pellini Hollis
Almost White
Anthracite Grey
Beige Grey
Brushed Aluminium
Dark Blue
Dark Grey
Iron Grey
Jet Black
Light Blue
Light Grey
Metallic Silver
Oyster White
Stone Grey
Woodgrain Dark
Woodgrain Light

Other considerations with Pellini and Holis Integral Blinds.

Our research indicates that the Pellini Blind is more widely available.  In the trade, for bifolding door specialists and installers, it is the preferred choice of blind. Study the many home improvement websites and Holis blinds appear less and priced below the Pellini blind in a broad sense.

The components that go into making a Pellini blind at first glance are known to be the better quality, have better design and more opening options. For a product that is intended provide long term benefits in a home, opting for the more expensive but better engineered Pellini blind may be the better option.

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