Pellini Screenline Integral Blinds Range.

Morley Glass is the largest dedicated manufacturer of Screenline Integral binds. Screenline integral blinds are designed by Pellini Industries of Italy, the world’s best known integral blind system.

pellini screenline integral blinds

Screenline Integral blinds provide a premium quality integral blind, giving total protection of the blind within the glass and no maintenance required. The magnetic components used in Screenline Integral Blinds provide a lifetime product with only a 2% reduction in magnetic attraction in a 100 year cycle. Screenline Integral Blinds are designed to be fitted to any framing system, regardless of material.

Pellini Screenline is a comprehensive range of integral blinds for all requirements.

The Screenline range of integral blinds provides six possible integral blind products. Below is an overview of these integral blind products, their operation, glazing thickness and styles available.

Screenline C System

screenline c system
Screenline C System

The Screenline C System is a cord (manual) or External Motor (electric) operated integral blind. It is suitable for use in 20mm to 32mm sealed units

The range comprises Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, Roller blinds and blackout blinds.


Screenline P System

screenline p system
Screenline P System

The Screenline P system is a manually controlled system for Venetian blinds with a Tilt only operation. These are used where the blinds are required to provide privacy but intended to be lowered at all times. Examples include hospitals and office buildings.

The operation of the Screenline P System is by a rotary knob that transmits motion to the magnetic device within the integral blind unit. Screenline P Blinds are available for 20mm to 24mm glass units.


Screenline W System

screenline w system
Screenline W System

The Screenline W System is a battery operated integral blind for Venetian blinds with a raise and tilt operation. It is suitable for 20mm to 32mm thick sealed units.

The battery is chargeable by a charger or an external solar panel, meaning no wiring is required with this particular product. Screenline W System is available in Venetian, Pleated and Pleated Blackout integral blinds.


Screenline B System

screenline b system
Screenline B System

The Screenline B system offers a similar manually operated, tilt-only function for Venetian blinds found in the P System, but the control knob is positioned on the bottom of the glass unit instead of on the side.

This product is available for sealed units from 20mm to 27mm thickness. Screenline B system is suitable for curtain walling and facade glazing and high-level windows with the window cill at eye level, making operation easy.


Screenline S System

screenline s system
Screenline S System

The Screenline S System is the most popular integral blind product for bifolding doors, windows and sliding doors as well as fixed glazing. It has a removable magnet with a dual operation. The blind is raised and lowered by moving the sliding magnet up and down. The slats are tilted and moved by raising or lowering the magnet.

Screenline S system is available as a Venetian blind with the magnet on the side of the unit or a Pleated blind with the magnet on the bottom of the unit.


Screenline M System

screenline m system
Screenline M System

The Screenline M system is a motorised integral blind available as a Venetian Blind, a Pleated Blind and a Pleated Blackout Blind.

The operation is with an internal brushless motor and a miniature control unit. An encoder enables operation of one or several sets of integral blinds and offers a quiet operation. The motor is positioned hidden at the head of the glass unit.

The M System Screenline blind needs no controls on the glass units as the operation is either with a wall mounted control unit or a remote control device. Screenline M blinds are suitable to 20mm to 32mm sealed units. It is the most suitable product for automatic blinds in residential installations.


Colour Choices with Screenline Integral Blinds.

bifolding doors with integral blinds
Schuco doors with integral blinds.

All Integral blinds are available with a selection of colours including colours to match traditional RAL shades of windows and doors.

If you would like further information on the range of Pellini Blinds and Screenline Integral blinds for residential or commercial projects, please contact us.

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