Do you need integral blinds for bifolding doors?

For any homeowner looking to add a bifolding door to their house, one consideration will be whether an integral blind is worth having. Do you need integral blinds in your bifolding doors and are they worth the extra money over the standard glass in a bifolding door?

Our website has arguably the most comprehensive section on integral blinds you will find anywhere. Our pages provide lots of information about the quality, technical aspects and features of integral blinds. So in this article, we look at practical reasons for considering integral blinds.

Integral blinds are very desirable in a bifolding door

Without a doubt, it is bifolding doors that feature most prominently with integral blinds. There are, of course, other solutions. There are many different types of after-market blinds at varying price points, quality and types.

Integral blinds will be provided by the same Company that also supplies the new bifold. Other types of blinds are widely available elsewhere. It is the contemporary appearance and desirability of a bifolding door and the shape and function of the modern extension with open plan living spaces that has brought integral blinds above the parapet. They are by no means a new product.

Will your home decor and style change in the future?

If you are a homeowner that always likes to freshen up their home every few years with new colours, new furniture and a new look, it is worth considering whether integral blinds will be in keeping with your future interior design ideas. They are very much a modern looking product.

You will have given careful thought to the colour of your bifolding doors, therefore consider whether the modern colours and nature of metal blinds will work in any future home styling.

It is also worth remembering that most integral blinds have vertical and horizontal housings creating a picture frame effect and border in the glass. You get less visible and transparent glass area with an integral blind.

We recommend you see a full-size door with an integral blind fitted. You can then see how the stacked slats look when all together at the top of the door, the perimeter frame an integral blind has and the visual border we mention.

Will you be staying in the property?

In today’s fast moving property market, if you are considering moving home then the extra cost of integral blinds should be considered. If you are upgrading your home to sell on in a rising market, it may not be worth investing in the long-term nature of integral blinds.

Attractive as they are in bifolding doors, they do not add to the property in monetary terms.

What are your privacy requirements?

aluminium integral blinds in a bifold.
Bifolding doors with many panels can benefit from privacy and shade with a quality integral blind.

This is one of the most important considerations. The large glass panels of a bifolding door also mean a lack of privacy. How much privacy and shade you want through your bifolding doors can depend upon:

  • How overlooked your garden and bifolding doors are.
  • Their location to sunlight and whether south-facing.
  • Whether bifolding doors are in a family room or a lesser used part of the house.
  • Whether your blinds and curtains are routinely closed at night.

How busy is your home?

It is worth considering how active your home is. A large family, young children, pets or frequent visitors result in greater wear and tear on the internal fixtures and fittings.

If you are regularly changing your blinds through misuse or wear and tear, have young children or pets that may damage external blinds, then integral blinds may be a more reliable solution in the longer term.

What look are you after in the home?

One of the reasons bifolding doors are attractive is the powder coated aluminium finish, the slim frames and the modern hardware. Some people may want the visual impact of a bifolding door to be constantly in view day or night. In this case, an integral blind does away with the need to obscure the folding doors from sight with roller or fabric blinds while still having privacy.

If you are not bothered about admiring the folding doors all day long then obscuring them with curtains or an alternative blind may be worth thinking about.

The integral blinds featured in this article are the Screenline Integral blind, manufactured by Morley Glass. Morley Glass are the biggest and most popular provider of integral blinds in the UK. Contact us if you would like further information.

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