Choosing Screenline Integral Blinds for commercial use.

The world’s leading system for integral blinds is Screenline by Pellini Industries of Italy. For residential applications, Pellini blinds are used within a wide range of double glazed units with glass processed by Pilkington, Solaglas, Saint-Gobain and other well-known glass businesses.

Screenline integral blinds for commercial use.

commercial building fitted with kawneer doors.
Commercial framing systems in hospitals, schools or office have a requirement for glass with integral blinds.

In commercial applications the SL Range of integral blinds is available. When used in conjunction with a glass of varying specification, Pellini Screenline blinds offer solutions in many different types of commercial buildings. Examples include hospitals, offices, secure units, laboratories and schools.

The main differences between a blind used in a residential and commercial setting are the level of privacy and control. In many commercial installations, integral blinds are required to operate quite differently from blinds installed in the home.

  • Commercially, integral blinds are available with operation from both sides of the double glazed unit.
  • Many commercial installations feature integral blinds that are permanently lowered and with a tilt facility only.
  • The integral blind can be housed within fire resistant, solar control, laminated, acoustic and other specialist glazing.

Screenline blinds in commercial buildings.

The SL range of integral blinds from Screenline offers several different variants depending on the use.

For integral blinds in internal partition systems, Screenline For internal use in partitioning

The models SL22M , SL27C, SL22C and SL27M are typically specified for internal use. Some office partition and glazing systems may call for an integral unit designed for slimmer glazing channels, and the Screenline SL20C is often specified in these types of screens.

Where ScreenLine blinds are required externally, there are 22mm or 27mm sealed unit options available. The Screenline SL27 provides a unit for a 28mm glazing cavity, and the Screenline SL22 provides an integral blind for a 24mm cavity.

Integral blinds for fire resistant glass units.

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Integral blinds can be used within fire rated glass with half or one our protection.

Commercial buildings frequently feature internal doors, screens and windows required with fire resistant properties. These are often made from steel, steel-clad aluminium and fire resistant timber.

The design of fire resistant doors, windows and glazed requires them to provide half-hour or one-hour protection in the event of a fire. They are also required to perform a normal function as windows and doors as well.

Sealed units with a fire resistance are commonly made from glass such as Pilkington Pyrostop or Pilkington Pyrodur. Saint-Gobain, another world leading glass processor, provides Vetrotech fire resistant glass and Contraflam, used in their frameless glass door ranges. These fire-resistant glass products can also accept Screenline integral blinds such as the SL27C, SL27M, SL22C and SL22M products.

All integral blinds in specialist commercial glazing come in the same colour options as their domestic counterparts. They are also available with manual cord or magnet operation or electric and remote controlled units.

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