Uses of integral blinds for bifolding doors.

Bifolding doors can be enhanced and improved with an integral blind. A quality integral blind provides a sealed environment within the double glazed unit. They will always look like new and will never require cleaning.

Integral blinds for bifolding doors.

origin doors with integral blinds.
Bifolding doors enhance with quality Morley Glass Integral blinds.

An integral glass blind provides the ideal solution for bifolding doors wherever they may be installed. For internal room dividers or external folding doors, integral blinds will not interfere with the operation of the bifold and provide a seamless addition to any aluminium bifold.

Bifolding door aesthetics are retained, and the blind is permanently protected behind toughened or laminated safety glazing.

Integral blinds can be incorporated into a bifolding door design with either a matching or a contrasting colour. When housed in a double glazed unit, integral blinds provide a great glazing solution providing privacy, shade and hygiene.

Stylish, simple and refined, integral blinds sit within a high specification double glazed unit. You can expect a minimum of 4mm glass thickness, warm edge spacer bars, glass coatings and even solar control, acoustic or laminated glass can be chosen.

Energy saving advantages with integral blinds in bifolding doors.

One of the benefits of modern glass units is their high energy saving properties. Integral blinds can enhance the glass performance even more.

On a standard double glazed unit, solar energy is held back but can be completely reflected away with an integral blind. Inside the home, an integral blind can help with keeping the transmitted energy from heating inside the home for longer. The result is improved window energy ratings.

Other uses of integral blinds in bifolding doors

The elegant and refined nature of integral blinds add an aesthetic appeal to a modern aluminium bifold but also provides other benefits:

  • A colour choice os available even woodgrain finishes.
  • Fits in any new or existing bifolding door.
  • Partial or complete privacy.
  • Protection from wear and tear and damage.
  • Reduced solar gain and glare.
  • Protection of integral fabrics and decoration
  • Maintenance free
  • Safe and secure

Hopefully we’ve explained some of the uses of integral blinds. There are plenty of other possible uses outside of the domestic environment, so if you have any questions or suggestions please use the comments below or contact us.

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