Colour considerations with integral blinds.

Integral blinds are a great accessory for a new bifolding door, entrance door or window. When choosing the colour for your new bifolding door, there are several things to consider around colour choices for integral blinds.

Choosing the colour of integral blinds is usually done at the same time that the bifolding doors are ordered from the supplier.

Factors to consider when choosing integral blind colours.

We have put together some of the key factors to consider when choosing the right colour for your integral blinds.

Consider the key components of integral blinds.

Integral glass blinds feature a perimeter aluminium frame that houses the control mechanism and the slats.  This can be up to 20mm thick as an aluminium border, the colour of which will be a factor.  It is also worth considering that when the blinds are raised, there will be a stack of slats at the top of the glass.  The taller the glass, the more slats, the thicker the stack.

What is best? Matching or contrasting colour integral blinds?

aluminium integral blinds in a bifold.
Bifolding doors in grey with white integral blinds can offer a good contrast when blinds are lowered.

When deciding on what colour your bifolding doors or windows should be, there are pros and cons to choosing both matching or contrasting colours for the integral blind.

A matching colour integral blind may thicken up the overall sight line of your bifolding door.  You may want to consider the dimensions of the door frame, where the folding doors meet in middle and the aluminium perimeter frame of the blind itself.

Aluminium bifolding doors are available with sight lines where the doors meet in the middle ranging from 120mm up to 160mm or more. A timber door will be thicker still as will a PVCu one.

Contrasting colours are great but if consider that a grey integral blind with a white or lighter coloured door will create a ‘picture frame’ effect.  Some people will like this; others may not.

Integral blinds with different materials.

integral blinds in wooden doors.
An integral blind in anthracite grey within a timber door gives a strong colour/texture contrast and ‘picture frame’ effect.

Integral blinds are made of aluminium.  Aluminium bifolding doors are also the most familiar material chosen. Despite the popularity of aluminium bifolds, other materials are available such as PVCu, timber, steel or a hybrid material.

There may be a distinct contrast between the materials and powder coated colour of an aluminium integral blind next to a different material.  Choosing the right colour may help soften the obvious differences in appearance between the door and the blind.

There is no right or wrong with colour choices for integral blinds.  It will depend on upon the size of the glass unit, the door configuration and personal tastes.  Products such as the Screenline integral blind from Morley Glass comes in many different colours. There are contemporary grey or anthracite finishes, metallic colours, silver, even green and yellow.

We recommend you obtain a colour swatch for the slats of the integral blinds and work with the door provider to find the best colour choice for the doors and the property.

If you would like swatches and brochures for integral blinds or require further information, please contact us.


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