Origin Aluminium Windows used in a Commercial Setting

The Origin range of products is marketed at the residential end-user customer. Their aesthetics, design and performance, is ideal for any home looking for new windows to replace old or as part of a new extension.

What you may not have considered is the suitability of Origin Windows in a commercial setting.

Are commercial and residential windows different?

Origin aluminium windows used in a commercial setting
Origin aluminium windows show their suitability in a commercial setting at a Youth Centre in Rainham.

The great thing about aluminium windows is that they are adaptable. There is often a perception by the less knowledgeable installers that aluminium windows fall into two distinct categories – commercial and residential.

It is true that residential windows are termed as such because of their aesthetics such as chamfered, ovolo or sculptured profiles. Our experience tells us that other than the preferred aesthetic, there is little in the performance or specification to separate a commercial or residential aluminium window.

In the same way you can provide a commercial window in the home, so you can provide a residential window in a commercial building. Origin has again achieved this with their aluminium twin flush window.

Origin Windows are fit for purpose in or out of the home.

Origin aluminium windows have helped transform Rainham ROYALS Youth centre in a recent £366,000 project.

In partnership with Civic Architects that specialise in community-led design projects, Origin windows were installed as part of a refurbishment and extension programme.

The ROYALS Youth Centre is a vital hub and meeting place for young people in the local area, but needed a general renovation to make it better, more accessible and improve the use of space.

Funded through contributions from Veolia North Thames, The Mayor’s Outer London Fund and Havering Council’s capital budget, the youth centre has now benefitted from a brand new enterprise space. This features the excellent Origin aluminium windows as it projects over the main entrance of the building on a completely new floor.

The Origin aluminium windows from part of the large, light filled glazed corner providing space, a high vantage point and making the new building a landmark.

Advantages of the Origin aluminium window.

Sixteen Origin aluminium windows were manufactured, powder coated in Grey RAL 7030. Another advantage of the Origin window is that it is one of the few on the market with a higher micron paint finish contributing to the overall 20-year guarantee available on the product.

The windows also feature the innovative twin flush detail where opening casements are used as well as high level fixed light windows with high specification glass. The side hung windows are large projecting vents with high-security locking systems and robust window handles.

At the head of the windows is fitted a slimline trickle vent to meet the requirements of Building Regulations.

The great thing about this project is that the design would have lent itself to a curtain walling frame or a thermally broken shopfront section.  In using the Origin window a more modern solution has been fitted and one that is slimmer and offers less bulk both on the width and the depth of the frame.

Origin windows provide benefits for installers.

This project demonstrates that when it comes to aluminium windows, commercial projects can benefit from a residential window in the same way residential project can benefit from commercial. Origin are now making their name known in commercial buildings as well as for the home.

This hopefully gives a new opportunity for existing Origin dealers to consider entering the lucrative small works commercial market for aluminium windows as well.

(Images courtesy of civic architects).

Published on October 25, 2016