Morley Glass Integral Blinds stand the test of time.

The home improvement industry across its entire supply chain offers a broad cross-section of product guarantees and warranties.

bifolding doors installed in this superb glazed extenson offer your living space unlimited options that a traditional conservatory simply cannot match.
What service can homeowners expect to receive in properties fitted with old doors that are out of warranty?

Installers providing windows and doors to end users will usually guarantee their products for ten years even though there is only a limited warranty available from their manufacturers. There are exceptions to this of course with systems companies such as Origin providing 20 year manufacturers guarantee on their bifolding doors and windows. Aïr sliding and folding doors come with a 25-year warranty. There are also varying warranties on foils, powder coated finishes and glass.

One product that often doesn’t come with as long a warranty as the doors is the glass. Typically this is a five-year guarantee. Some manufacturers will stick to a lesser guarantee; others will still provide a ten-year warranty and hope for the best.

Morley Glass goes the extra mile, ten years on.

All great companies try to go the extra mile with their customers where possible. The fenestration sector is not the best at doing this. It is commonplace for replacement parts to be scarce on faulty old doors gave the pace at which products are improved.

The glass and window industry can also be detached from the end-user customer because of the size and diversity of the supply chain. If a product is time worn and with no warranty in place, the window industry will more often than not, walk away. They do not want the hassle.

Systems companies rarely want to get involved with a homeowner. Trade suppliers will avoid doing so as well. So when a consumer contacted our website with some information about a very well known business in the glass sector of our industry, we wanted to find out more.

Replacing integral blinds that are out of warranty.

morley glass blinds in old bifolding doors.
This old lean-to conservatory is fitted with doors no longer available and glass that is out of warranty.

A Mr Walker contacted this website to tell us about the outstanding service he had received from Morley Glass.

Mr Walker bought a property that, over ten years ago, had bifolding doors installed with integral blinds to his conservatory. There were also other glass units throughout the conservatory with Morley Glass Integral Blinds.

While gardening, a stone flew from his strimmer and broke the glass in his bifolding doors. The dilemma for Mr Walker was that he bought the property with the doors installed. So began his investigation into trying to get the glass and blinds replaced. The company that did the installation were defunct, but he managed to figure out that Morley Glass could have made the glass units with integral blinds at the time. And they had.

Morley Glass brings ageing bifolding doors with integral blinds back to life.

integral blinds in lean to conservatory.
The sealed unit was replaced by using the original integral blind to maintain the original appearance in the doors.

Morley Glass were able to trace and identify the order and were happy to manufacture a brand new sealed unit. Understandably with integral blinds that old, there are several risks. Spacer bars have changed, integral blinds have changed. Door technology has also changed.

Morley Glass came and took the old broken double glazed unit away. They cleverly serviced and re-used the original integral blind within the new double glazed unit. This was so there would be no colour discrepancies between any new blind and the old ones.

the new cord controls fitted as a kind gesture by morley glass.
The new cord controls fitted as a kind gesture by Morley Glass.

Better than that, Morley Glass also suggested to the customer that they replace as a gesture of goodwill, the cord units on the blinds with their latest generation control. This would be safer and be better in the conservatory that all the other blinds and glass were fitted into.

Morley Glass demonstrates a trade supplier going the extra mile.

More than ten years after the doors were installed and long outside their warranty period, Morley Glass certainly went the extra mile. Not only was Mr Walker not their customer but the reality is many in the double glazing industry would simply walk away from someone else’s installation.

Morley Glass are a sizeable Company, yet they adopted a highly personal approach to a homeowner who needed help.

Ten years on the blinds were still performing faultlessly, but when replacement parts and some goodwill were required, Morley Glass proved why the are the leading glass and integral blind manufacturer in the UK.

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