What is the best integral blind for bifolding doors and windows?

The integral glass blind has become one of the most desirable products for modern aluminium doors and windows and in particular for bifolding doors.

integral blind in a window
What is the best integral blind for bifolding doors and windows? We say it is down to reputation as well as quality.

In researching integral blinds, there is quite a lot of confusing information about these products. It is easy with PVCu or aluminium windows and doors to find out what the ’system’ is. Origin, Schuco, Liniar, Rehau, Reynaers, Smarts, AluK and many others are door and window systems that you can easily identify or will be told about.

Information about door and window systems is quite transparent and it gives the end user customer an opportunity to compare products from different companies knowing they will primarily be getting the same product. Very much like deciding which dealer will supply a new car. The car model will be the same, the service levels and customer experience possibly different.

What is the best integral blind for bifolding doors and windows?

pellini factory in italy
Pellini is one of the best known and biggest integral blind systems in the world.

With integral blinds, there is slightly more confusion if an end user is researching these products and trying to find out what is the best product.

Look at the many bifolding door websites offering integral blinds for folding and sliding doors and it is not often you will be informed as to what make the integral blind actually is.

There are fewer providers of integral blind systems than there are door and window systems. We know of blind systems that are Israeli, American and European in origin. Each of these offers the same function, but quality varies significantly. These integral blind brand names will often not be so transparent so it can be hard for a customer to exactly what they are getting.

For brand reputation and longevity in integral blinds, Pellini Industries of Italian origin, are the original innovators of the integral blind since the early 1990’s. Pellini is now the largest of the systems companies in integral blinds and their Screenline range of blinds perhaps the best known. However, are Pellini the best? Many door suppliers and installers would say that they are. Pellini is one of the best-known names in integral blinds.

screenline blinds are one brand logo you may often see, designed by pellini.
Screenline blinds are one brand logo you may often see, designed by Pellini.

Competitors of Pellini will argue that their blinds are better, more symmetrical, have better running gear or are easier to use. However, this is very subjective. We say this because it all depends on who makes the blind itself.

Some integral blind manufacturers will criticise blinds operated by wands or cords instead of magnets. The reality here is that it is down to the customer choosing what they like. Magnet controlled blinds are more attractive because the magnet is a more discreet method of opening and closing the blind. Some argue it also looks much tidier. Wands and cords also operate perfectly well though and can make for a highly reliable blind.

Let us also state the case for corded blinds in that from a quality manufacturer they will also meet the strict industry standards for safety as well.

How do homeowners choose the best integral blind?

integral blinds in schuco doors.
Look in any quality door showroom and often only one make of integral blind is on offer.

In our experience it is the door and window installers that decide for the customer, what is the best integral blind system that they would like them to buy.

Integral blinds are not a standard option with say, an aluminium bifold. These types of products will be sold as an enhancement to a door, not as part of it – an optional extra. As standard, the company sells bifolding doors but in the same way you can choose the colour of your aluminium, you can also choose how you wish to customise your door. Integral blinds are one great solution for bifolding doors and large windows especially.

If a homeowner needing integral blinds with their bifolding doors has already been to a local showroom, they will usually only see one make of integral blind on display not several.

The key reason for this is that quality and product reputation aside, integral blinds perform the same function. That is, to provide shade and privacy solutions within a double glazed unit. Your local door and window company will therefore choose the product that meets the needs of their business as well as the consumers, in several key areas. These are:

  • Cost versus quality of the product. The cheaper the blind, the less reliable it has been proved to be.
  • The quality of the glass units. No window company wants to be replacing glass because the customer is not happy with them.
  • Service levels if technical or on-site assistance is required.
  • The availability of replacement parts.
  • A product that is easy to sell and customers like.
  • A supplier of integral blinds that is reliable and reputable providing product that is proven over the long term.
  • Obtaining integral blinds on time and without delays.

The vast majority of the door and window industry does not make their doors and windows, glass units or their integral blinds. Instead, they look to partner with trusted and very experienced suppliers. Morley Glass is one such supplier that is the biggest Pellini manufacturer in the UK and one of the best known. If you frequently see Pellini Screenline blinds made by Morley Glass, this is probably the reason why.

So while many integral blind providers may promote that they sell the best integral blind, we recommend you look at the company behind the blind, their size, scale, reputation and accreditation. Quality is everything with integral blinds.

If you would like more information about integral blinds for bifolding doors, sliding doors or windows, please contact us.

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