What is the leading integral blind in the UK?

Look on the majority of window and door industry websites and the words ‘The Fastest Growing’ or ‘The Leading’ is frequently used.

There are of course many companies servicing the door and window industry providing an excellent range of products and very impressive service. To claim the title of a Leader in your respective field, however, is rarely done with any information sources to back up the claims, nor is it done with any real qualification. It is pure marketing using scale, growth, reputation or recognition as a benchmark.

Does size matter when buying windows and doors?

whether an origin dealer or an end user, customer service remains at the forefront of origin, their bifolding doors, blinds and windows.
Origin doors are a great example of how you can grow yet continue to provide a great service to dealers and consumers.

Taking bifolding doors as an example, Origin Doors and Express Bifolding Doors are two great examples of how large-scale operations can still provide an excellent service in bifolding doors. Even though these are big organisations employing many people, the systems and procedures are in place to retain a personal element to the business.

By comparison, the larger national double glazing firms operate in a different way that can mean the loss of a personal touch owing to the sheer size of the business. Everest, Anglian or Safestyle work in a different way employing canvassing teams, call centres with little knowledge of doors or windows, commission only salespeople and self-employed fitting teams. This method of selling can take the personal customer experience, so important in home improvements, away.

In buying new doors and windows for the home, you may come into contact with associated businesses. One example is integral blinds for bifolding doors. This is a product chosen to enhance a folding door, sliding door or window. A direct association does not usually exist between the blind with the door and window product itself. Integral blinds are stand-alone products sourced elsewhere from a variety of suppliers.

What is the leading integral blind for bifolding doors?

integral blinds in doors and windows
What makes a better integral blind for bifolding doors, sliding doors and windows?

There are many good providers of integral blinds in the UK and all claim to offer a particular or series of unique selling points to their customers. Some integral blind providers are smaller businesses, others much larger. There are also a wide variety of sources for integral blinds from abroad.

Look on the respective websites of any business selling integral glass blinds and the message is a positive one. The smaller company will extol the ‘personal’ nature of their products and the more one-to-one service. The larger business will offer a combination of faster lead times, site support and better marketing and sales support.

Ultimately the choice of integral blind that a homeowner wishes to buy and a door installer wants to sell will come down to many factors.

Aesthetics, operation and price, are just some factors that influence a consumer decision. However, their overall buying decision will be largely based on the company supplying the bifolding door or other product that requires an integral blind.

For the trade, an installer does not always look at the costs. Service in the door and window industry is imperative to door installers and is what builds loyalty with a supplier. It does not matter how well priced a product may be, if it is not reliable or dealing with service and maintenance issues are ineffective, the trade buyer looks elsewhere.

What is interesting with integral blinds is that it is rare for door and window companies to offer a choice of integral blind brands and product. They will usually only buy from one supplier.

For integral blinds bifolding doors, larger can often mean better.

Morley Glass is one of the several manufacturers of integral blinds in the UK and the largest. Morley Glass integral blinds are the best selling integral blind for bifolding doors in the UK. As a larger scale operation, they have not only identified what the window industry needs from an integral blind supplier, but they have also addressed it.

How the trade benefits from buying integral blinds by Morley Glass.

Morley Glass has provided some industry firsts for integral blinds that have been beneficial to the wider door and window industry. What they have also done is made their blinds easier to sell which is good news for their nationwide network of the reputable window and door firms offering integral blinds with their PVCu, aluminium and timber products.

Integral blinds on fast ten day deliveries

The door industry has historically worked on quite long lead times. For aluminium windows and doors especially, the procurement and colouring process meant lead times were often long. Lead times have now come down thanks to bigger stockholding of standard colour aluminium extrusions and streamlined manufacturing processes.

With doors come glass. It is rare for glass units to be fabricated immediately and more so with integral blinds in the glass that are more complicated to make. However, Morley Glass were the first to introduce a ten-day turnaround on integral blinds.

Blinds are efficiently made and delivered with a fleet of 19 vehicles that make guaranteed and dedicated deliveries throughout the UK.

Colour matched integral blinds.

RAL Grey 7016 Matt is by far the most attractive and biggest selling shade of grey for folding doors, sliding doors and grey aluminium products on the whole. Speak to any powder coater and they will tell you that together with white, Grey RAL 7016 is their next biggest colour when setting up painting booths for painting aluminium profiles.

Morley Glass developed the S159 Anthracite grey integral blinds as the closest equivalent to RAL 7016.

With this colour shade, Morley also ensured that the quality was consistent because of the painting differences between aluminium powder coated doors used outside the home.

The powder coating process for doors used externally is not the same to that used on internal components or other aluminium consumer goods. Morley has addressed the heat absorption issue of darker colours by adopting a better quality colouring process for their blinds. This ensures that heat absorption will not affect the integral blind or the glass units by factors such as heating or mist up of the double glazed unit, sticking slats or melting of the blind lacquer. This ensures a far more reliable blind.

Service engineers and site support.

The more people that have access to a product the greater the need to provide training in fitting blinds, sales training and carrying out service work promptly.

Morley Glass offer a team of service engineers travelling the UK attending sites, domestic properties and double glazing showrooms, supporting their network of installers and providers of Morley Glass Integral blinds.

Looking for a supplier of integral blinds? Take a look at Screenline Integral blinds.

Being active in the door and window industry nationwide, we work with a variety of business all over the UK and also visit a large number of them.

By far the most popular make of blind we see in showrooms is the Morley Glass product. When we ask these businesses why they chose Screenline blinds, service, reliability and support are always the key factors over price every time. The range of double and triple glazed integral blinds, a wider range of products, manual and automatic operation are important to them as well.

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