Integral Blinds maker Morley Glass move to larger premises

The bifolding door trend in the UK shows little sign of losing its momentum. The popularity of bifolding doors is not only ideal for companies that make or install folding doors, but it is also good news for related companies, and Morley Glass are one such example.

Aluminium extruders, aluminium powder coaters and finishers, hardware providers and glass manufacturers are a few other examples of businesses that benefit from the popularity of bifolding doors.

Even building firms, interior design businesses and kitchen companies are seeing increased sales thanks to the versatility and popularity of the folding door.

Bifolding doors and integral blinds go hand in hand.

origin doors with integral blinds.
The integral blind has been a hugely successful product thanks to the bifold door.

The bifolding door provides large doors and glass panels in a residential or commercial setting. With the purchase of a new bifolding door comes the consideration of what product will be used to provide privacy and shade.

The integral blind has firmly established itself as the accessory and glass product that can bring out the best in bifolding doors. The desirability of integral blinds for bifolding doors shows little sign of diminishing in the present market.

Morley Glass Move to new larger Leeds Premises.

Morley Glass are the UK’s largest manufacturer of integral blinds for bifolding doors as well as a range of other blinds and shading products for residential and commercial applications.

The Uni-Blind® sealed units with integral blinds manufactured by Morley Glass have established themselves as the best-selling blind for bifolding doors in the UK today. Such is the success of the product with growth in sales year on year that Morley Glass have moved their operations to larger premises.

The move to new premises three times bigger than the previous has been an investment of more than £1m in a new purpose designed 40,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, larger office space and the creation of new jobs in the area.

Morley Glass strengthen their position as the No1 in the door and window industry.

morley glass factory and offices.
Morley Glass have invested in a new state of the art factory and offices on the success of integral blinds and a strong business model.

The investment in the new Morley Glass premises is a commitment to not only strengthening the Screenline and Morley brand but also an investment in the future of the business.

The new facilities will provide the company with several advantages.

  • More efficient manufacturing
  • Investment in new state-of-the-art machinery
  • Capacity for growth and introduction of new products.
  • An improved showroom
  • A new customer training facility.
  • Larger stock holding improving lead times and service

The companies we speak to all over the UK selling Morley Glass integral blinds alongside their folding door products tell us that the Uni-Blinds® range is loved by their customers. They choose to buy Morley Glass integral blinds because of the service, lead times and quality of the product.

We wish Morley Glass continued success in their new premises and their service to the door and window industry.

Bifolding door image courtesy of Open Living.

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