Energy saving benefits of integral blinds

Any homeowner or commercial building occupier is constantly looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. One way for people to save money on their energy bills is to change the way they use the property.

How integral blinds can help with energy saving

Integral blinds, shutters, awnings and other types of window blinds have been proven to help save energy. There are several ways these shading products such as integral blinds can help save money on heating bills.

Heat is retained inside rooms resulting in reduced energy consumption in colder months. In the summer integral blinds can reject the heat from the sun to help create a much cooler environment. Integral blinds can also work in distributing daylight more efficiently so there can be less consumption of electricity because the lights don’t need to be switched on as early.

Organisations such as the British Blinds and Shutters Association as well as websites dedicated to advising about solar shading state that simple measures with the right product for windows and bifolding doors could save up to 10% of your energy consumption.

Why is solar shading and using blinds for windows and doors important?

energy saving benefits of integral blinds.
Doors and Windows fitted with Screenline blinds can help reduce the U value in the home or office.

Whilst modern windows and doors are already energy efficient, quality blind products such as integral blinds or automatic roller blinds and help insulate a home even better. The UK climate is one that requires us to have our heating on for the majority of the year. One way of reducing our energy consumption is to insulate our homes better.

We already do this with loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. Of course new thermally broken aluminium or multi chamber PVCu window frames with the latest energy efficient glass also help. It’s already well known that one of the weakest points in the home for losing energy are the windows. One way is to replace windows with energy efficient windows and glass but this can often be an expensive option. If you had windows installed up to 10 years ago, these will still be performing well and there will be no reason to change them again.

Often a simpler and lower cost option is to provide a shading solution or to change the existing double glazed units with integral blinds. Research from Glasgow Caledonian University revealed that the U Value in the home can be improved by nearly 30% just from using a correct type of blind to a window or a door.

How can integral blinds be used to help reduce energy bills?

Using blinds correctly maximises their benefit. In the winter months its suggested that integral blinds, shutters and other types of blinds should be opened in the morning. This is so they can harvest the solar energy from the outside. As soon as the sun goes down, they should be closed to retain the heat in the home.  Automation of blinds is possible to help maximise this. Automated integral blinds as well as other types of blinds can be fitted with sensors to maximise the energy efficiency by opening and closing and the right times of the day.

For commercial building managers and owners, using integral blinds to accurately control temperature and light in the office or factory can help create a more comfortable building. A more comfortable building helps workers be more productive. The right product fitted to windows, doors or curtain walling can help control solar radiation. This results in a reduced need for air conditioning as one example.

Just like in the home, during the winter months, integral blinds help improve the U Value in the building, reduce the energy consumption and save money. In commercial buildings it would make sense to consider effective solar shading at the design stage. However for older buildings glass units can be replaced with those having integral blinds. Automating the where possible will also ensure the energy saving benefits are optimised.

Integral blinds are just one product that offers a discreet way to improve comfort in a residential or commercial building.  They are a product that offer long term reliability because they’re permanently housed within a double glazed unit.  In addition they remain clean, suffer less from wear and tear and can even be colour matched to existing windows and doors. If you’d like more information about integral blinds for a dwelling or commercial building, please contact us.

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