Why training on Integral blinds is of value to installers

The installation of motorised integral blinds requires specialist knowledge and training in installation. This is to ensure that such a premium product, and one that is hugely appealing for bifolding doors in particular is to be reliable for the end user/consumer.

bifolding doors such as these premium schuco aluminium bifolds fitted with morley glass integral blinds presently do not fall under the window energy rating requirements.
Bifolding doors such as these premium Schuco Aluminium bifolds fitted with Morley Glass integral blinds will provide years of reliable service when installed correctly.

There are some window companies that prefer not to sell integral blinds for bifolding doors.  Some choose to stay away from integral blinds believing them to be a complex product prone to issues post installation. This is actually not the case with any quality product – but just like a bifolding door or any door for that matter, correct installation and adjustment is important to ensure long term performance. It all comes down to training.

Morley Glass recently completed its 500th customer training programme for the installation of motorised integral blinds. The company to benefit from this was 1st Sliding Folding Doors in London.

In fenestration many installers may think they don’t need training on glass products, but customer training can actually be very beneficial.

Why training your customers is important.

As a specialist manufacturer of integral blind systems and other shading solutions, Morley Glass provide comprehensive training programmes for their new and existing customers.

Often Companies take different approaches in training their customers. All too often businesses will focus on training their employees more than their customers. But there are great benefits to having an active programme of customer training.

Training of your customers customers can cut costs. Many companies try to solve problems with their products by referring them to their FAQ pages, their fabrication manuals or installation instructions. Systems companies will often carry out training programmes on new products for their fabricators and installers. Apple are a great example of a company that offers a One to One training program for users of their computers.

Ultimately a customer training programme can not only reduce call backs, service calls or requests for an engineer to visit site.

Customer training can also increase customer loyalty.

For an installer of any product, good training ensures knowledgable fitters, sales staff and administration staff.  Additionally  if you know your supplier takes an active interest in ensuring you are up to dates with their products through literature, product updates and training, this can create brand and customer loyalty.

Ian Short, managing director at Morley Glass & Glazing said:

As part of our customer service programme we are always pleased to share our specialist knowledge of integral blind installation with our customers. The motorised versions of our Uni-Blind® integral blinds are hugely popular with today’s homeowners so it’s important that our customers feel 100% confident when it comes to fitting them. Our engineers are always happy to conduct site visits, support fabricators and installers and they offer an excellent after care service too. “ScreenLine® provides a five year warranty, which is valid for our Uni-Blind® integral blinds. Such a high quality product needs to be fitted professionally and our engineers aim to equip our customers with the skills they need to achieve the best results. We all want happy customers, which bring referrals and new business and that can only be achieved by sharing knowledge and skills.

We agree. Whilst at first glance, an integral blind may look like a double glazed unit ready to install, correct training will enable this product to remain reliable into the future and improving customer satisfaction for both installers and end user customers.

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