Integral blinds for sterile and particle free environments

Specialist commercial buildings sometimes contain special environments and rooms.  These include sterile and particle free environments.

There are many types of buildings where clean environments are essential. Commonly we associate sterile areas in hospitals, operating theatres and similar locations where a clean environment is essential to safe medical techniques.  But there are also other areas of manufacturing that require these types of clean areas.

Examples include watchmaking factories, contact lens manufacturers, science laboratories, pharmaceutical businesses, component manufacturers and food areas. In these types of buildings it’s essential to provide a super clean environment but it’s also important to offer privacy and security.

Integral Blinds for commercial sterile and clean environments.

integral blinds are ideal for clean environments because they're sealed into a double glazed unit.
Integral blinds are ideal for clean environments because they’re sealed into a double glazed unit.

Integral blinds are commonly marketed for the domestic sector and in particular for bifolding doors and large glazed screens.  The benefit of these blinds is that they maintain the aesthetics of a bifolding door whilst at the same time providing privacy and shade when needed. Integral blinds also offer a great solution in high tech buildings as well.

Integral blinds such as those manufactured by Morley Glass and Glazing can also assist in clean, sterile and particle free environments.  These types of work spaces, testing centres and other facilities call for clean rooms.

A clean room is commonly used in testing, research and manufacturing facilities.  These areas offer a low level of pollutants in the air. Dust, small particles, vapours and other airborne matter can affect these types of rooms.  In additional these ultra clean environments constantly monitor the levels of ‘contamination’ in the air.  Measuring devices are used such as devices to calculate the number of particles per cubic meter at a specified particle size.

As an example, the typical external environment in a typical city can contain over 3o million different particles within a given size range. A clean room in accordance with ISO standards must contain less than 20 particles per cubic meter.

These rooms will often have windows, partitions and screening as well as doors.  Often these areas are restricted, high security and strictly private.  Integral blinds can provide protection here as well.

Why are integral blinds suitable?

all kinds of clean areas in public or commercial buildings can benefit from integral blinds.
All kinds of clean areas in public or commercial buildings can benefit from integral blinds.

The manufacturing process of a double glazed unit is already a sophisticated one.  In manufacturing a standard glass unit without blinds specific cleaning and assembly processes are used, obviously to make sure that there is not dirt or particles between the glass. This process lends itself very well to clean environments. Not only is the glass unit hermetically sealed but it’s also ideal for blinds that cannot be position externally to gather dust and dirt in these types of rooms.

Integral blinds therefore offer an economical, practical and clean solution to existing and new windows and doors in clean areas. Furthermore they can provide effective control of light as well as privacy and security.  The nature of a sealed unit means that most glazing thicknesses can be accommodate.  The integral blind can also be custom made to any dimension as well as being suitable for any type of partition, screen, door or window frame material.

Commercial buildings are therefore suitable for particle free and sterile environments. Vision screens in hospitals are also ideal areas for integral blinds as they enable viewing areas to remain clean without compromising the clean area, sterile environment or particle free areas.

You’ll find integral blinds can be fitted in:

  • Windows, doors and screens
  • Curtain walling
  • Office Partitions
  • Security doors
  • Vision panels and many other products that accept glass.

If you would like further information on commercial uses for integral blinds, please contact us.


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