UK First for Morley Glass and Glazing

The production of window frames in any material as well as the insulated glass units provided to them is subject to British and European Standards.

There are a variety of standards in place today applying directly or indirectly to glass for use in buildings. Examples include:

  • BS 6262: Glazing for buildings
  • BS 8000: Workmanship on building sites Code of practice for glazing
  • BS 5516: Patent glazing and sloping glazing for buildings
  • BS EN 356: Glass in building – Security glazing
  • BS EN 357: Glass in building – Fire resistant glazed elements
  • BS EN 410: Glass in building – Determination of luminous and solar characteristics of glazing
  • BS EN 1279: Glass in building – Insulating glass units

BS EN 1279–6:2002

bifolding doors are one product that can be enhanced with integral blinds sealed in the unit.
Morley Glass becomes the first UK company to achieve BS EN 1279 for units fitted with integral blinds.

BS EN 1279–6:2002 is the current standard for insulating glass units, factory production control and periodic tests.

This standard defines how our double glazing units are made. Conformity to this standard is important. The standard ensures that over time the properties of the glass do not change. The British Standards Institute states:

energy savings are made because the U-value and solar factor do not change significantly

health is preserved because sound reduction and vision do not change significantly

safety is provided because mechanical resistance does not change significantly.

British Standards to cover units fitted with integral blinds.

Up to now, this standard did not include sealed units fitted with integral blinds.

Whilst it’s arguably fair to say providers of units fitted with integral blinds were adhering to good industry practices and procedures, no company had yet achieved the BS Kitemark for manufacturing insulating glass units with ScreenLine® integral blinds inside.

The use of glass units with integral blinds continues to increase. This is largely due to the popularity of bifolding doors, the modern trend for large glazed screens or windows and panoramic sliding doors.

A UK first for Morley Glass and Glazing.

Morley Glass & Glazing has become the first and only company in the UK to achieve the BS EN 1279–6:2002 Kite Mark for manufacturing insulating glass units with ScreenLine® integral venetian blinds inside.

Ian Short, managing director at Morley Glass & Glazing says:

This extra stamp of approval provides fabricators and installers with the knowledge that our Uni-Blind® sealed units with integral blinds are manufactured to the highest quality standard using the best quality components on the market today.

This is a tremendous accolade for the Morley team and ScreenLine® supplier Pellini SpA in Italy, and is an extra selling point for our customers. It’s the quality and breadth of our product range that makes us the ideal partner for fabricators and installers looking to enhance their profit opportunities and provide their customers with excellent choice and service.

What does BS EN 1279 require?

The standard states many procedures that need to be adhered to in order to achieve the kite mark and conform to it.  Some of these include:

  • quality assurance and factory production control
  • handling, storage, packaging and delivery
  • training of personnel
  • periodic testing and inspections
  • fogging test

As integral blinds in glass get used more and more in bifolding doors, windows, curtain walling and entrance doors, so the adherence to current standards offers peace of mind to trade buyers and homeowners.

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