Solutions provided by integral blinds in commercial environments.

For commercial applications, Morley Glass offer a range of integral blinds that are suitable for any type of commercial building.  These combine exceptional thermal control of a double glazed unit that is further enhanced with the addition of an integral blind.

Integral blinds can be raised, lowered and tilted to enable the effective management of sun shading as well as controlling light and heat entering a building. You can use the system in external glazed products such as curtain walling, shopfronts and ground floor treatments as well as windows.

Why consider integral blinds for commercial buildings?

integral blinds can work with existing glass or brise soleil in any commercial application.
Integral blinds  offer many solutions in commercial buildings for sound, comfort, privacy and safety.

There are several key areas where integral blinds can provide solutions in a commercial building. Examples include hospitals, schools, open plan offices and universities.

They also provide solutions internally for office partitions and screening.

Durability of integral blinds.

One of the important considerations is that any kind of blind needs to be durable. It’s important to remember that commercial buildings are used by a far greater number of people than a dwelling therefore wear and tear will be greater.

Integral blinds being sealed within the double glazed unit remain better protected then other types of face applied blinds meaning they’ll last longer and reduce building maintenance costs over the longer term.

Varying levels of privacy with integral blinds.

Integral blinds offer different opening options and levels of privacy. This means they can be adapted to suit varying office environments.

Commercial buildings may have rooms that are used informally yet mea be required at times to provide absolute privacy for interviews, staff appraisals or other types of confidential meetings.

With the option of manual or automatic operation they can provide solutions for privacy when required.

Sound Insulation with integral blinds.

In a domestic setting, integral blinds will normally be fitted with standard low e double glazed units with argon fill and a warm edge spacer bar.

However you have the option of incorporating integral blinds into acoustic glass as well. This will offer enhanced sound insulation where it may be required.

Fire resistant units with integrated blinds.

Pilkington, Saint Gobain and other glass processors offer a range of fire rated glass with differing levels of fire resistance.

Where fire rated products are required these too can benefit from having their fire rated glass fitted with integral blinds.

Solar Control and self cleaning glass.

Integral blinds can provide real comfort in the aluminium or steel atrium that is often seen in modern commercial buildings.

These glazed structures often call for self cleaning glass as well as solar controlled glass. These too can incorporate integral glass blinds that will substantially improve comfort.

Integral blinds for hygienic environments.

There are many types of commercial buildings such as laboratories, testing institutes, factories with clean areas and many others that must operate in hygienic environments.

An obvious benefit of integral blinds is that they remain sealed and clean, enhancing these clean areas. Therefore they are ideal were clean spaces and hygienic areas are important.

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