Integral blinds improve interior comfort of commercial buildings.

Integral blinds are widely used in commercial applications as well as domestic uses.

With many commercial buildings featuring aluminium curtain walling and large expanses of glass, providing comfort in the office environment is important.

How integral blinds can help cool commercial buildings.

integral blinds can work with existing glass or brise soleil in any commercial application.
Integral blinds can work with existing glass or brise soleil in any commercial application.

An excellent example of where integral blinds can provide solutions in commercial buildings is the renovation of the urban site of the old Snow Hill Station in Birmingham.

Sidell Gibson Architects worked in the scheme that involved improving urban connection, creating new public areas around Snow Hill Station, the creation of new public spaces as well as the creation of residential and commercial accommodation. With a tall building such as this, the advantage of lots of natural light but this in turn means certain elevations are constantly exposed to the sun.

One solution to reducing solar glare is glazing the curtain walling with high specification sealed units with solar control glass. However this only goes some way to reducing heat and glare in a working environment.  Brise soleil is another solution, but often it requires a combination of products.

Integral blinds used extensively in commercial buildings.

Pellini ScreenLine® integrated blinds were installed to the south west elevation that was exposed to sunlight throughout the day.

These integral blinds, in conjunction with the solar control glass and the external brise soleil system made a huge different in comfort inside the building. Integrated ScreenLine® blinds were fitted between the double glazed units and these also had the motor-controlled blinds system.

Not only does this offer simple automated operation, but the way the blinds were installed ensured that all the slats were correctly aligned so that aesthetically the building looked right when the blinds were closed.  An additional direct-drive magnetic system helps ensure a silent synchronisation of all the blinds as well.

The end result is a more comfortable building, the regulation of light and heat and a vast improvement in the comfort inside this 15 storey building.

ScreenLine® blinds are supplied and installed by Leeds based Morley Glass, that offer a nationwide service in the supply of integral blinds for commercial or residential applications.

If you would like to find out more how integral blinds could improve the interior comfort of your building, please contact us.

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