Magnet Controlled blinds versus cord control blinds

Integral glass blinds offer excellent solutions for shading and privacy in products such as bifolding doors and large glazed screens.

They are also ideal in commercial applications such as office buildings with glazed partitions. Often meeting rooms may be required to be private for interview sessions, board meetings or other purpose where a closed room is required. Integral glass blinds offer this kind of solution here.

How can integral glass blinds open and close?

integral blinds are excellent for windows and bifolding doors, but what is the best method of opening and closing them?
Integral blinds are excellent for windows and bifolding doors, but what is the best method of opening and closing them?

There are several manufacturers and suppliers of integral glass blinds. They can also referred to as integrated blinds or even blinds in glass.

Deepening upon the manufacturer, the opening and closing options for these blinds are manually or automatically operated. Some systems even offer timer, daylight or push button controls.

But for manual operation, wands, cords or magnets are the most common ways of opening and closing blinds? Is there a better method?

The most important factor in choosing integral glass blinds.

Before comparing the merits of each type of opening action, it is very important to stress how important quality is in these types of products. There are many different systems on the market from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers.

By far the biggest reason you must choose a quality, trusted and reliable product for an integral blind is this. Your blinds are fully concealed within a double glazed unit and cannot be accessed by the user. This is completely different from a blind placed in front of a window or door that most of us will have “put right” in some way should the cords or slats become twisted or out of place.

Even more important is that double glazed units are hermetically sealed. Should a blind be damaged though aggressive use, abuse or lack of care the entire glass unit and the blind will often need to be replaced. It is not possible to repair a blind within an existing double glazed unit.

Therefore our advice is to choose your supplier of integral blinds carefully and exercise caution if you see a particularly cheap product on the market. You should opt for the best product available.

What is best: Cord, Wand or Magnet Controlled blinds?

As with any product offered in a choice of options, each is down to the preference of the user.

Wand Action

The wand operation to rotate the slats is one of the earliest methods of controlling blinds. Some people do not like this method as the wand hangs down from the top of the door or window may flap about in a breeze or may be played with by young children.

This does not make a wand unsuitable. We must remember that blinds have been in use as window coverings for many years and some people may simply prefer the familiar operation of opening and closing their blinds by a cord or wand action.

The Cord Action.

The cord and magnet will often be compared and you will find quality and trusted manufacturers offering both types.

the cord control is still very popular with users.
The cord control is still very popular with users.

Cord action involves suspended cords from the top of the unit that pull the blind up and down as well as rotating the slats.

Morley Glass offer both magnet and cord operation but report that their cord operated integral blind remains their most popular product.

Some users having a multi pane bifolding door, fitted with integral blinds may not like a cord coming down on every double glazed unit, but again it is down to personal preference and how products are used in the home.

Some will like the familiar action of a cord operation that they will probably be using in other blinds in their home. Others may want something more discreet. The good thing is with these types of products is that there is choice.

Magnet Controlled Blinds

This is also available as a discreet and functional way of operating integral glass blinds. Two very discreet magnets are positioned on the inside of the glass. One will lift the slats up and down and another will rotate them as desired.

The SL20SV product is one that has it’s magnets treated with a patented anti bacterial finish to provide ongoing protection from germs. For commercial applications where many users are likely to operate the blinds this is a clever solution.

If you live in a property and have young children that are likely to pull on cords then this may be the preferred option. Some people may also regard these as more discreet and aesthetically more attractive.

However the elderly with dexterity issues may find these types of magnets harder to control and use than a traditional method. Therefore again it is down to each home, each user and who uses the integral blinds as to what system will work best for them.

Our advice is to compare the products and see what type will work best for you. If you choose your integral blinds from a trusted and quality supplier, use them correctly and they are not mistreated or abused, they should give you years of reliable service.

If you would like further information about integral glass blinds and the various options available, please contact us.

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