New Magnetic Controlled Integral Glass Blinds from Morley Glass

Morley Glass are well known as the leading manufacturers of integral blind systems as well as other types of glass products such as Pellini Blinds and other related products for the effective shading of bifolding doors, windows or screens.

the new magnetic system from morley glass gives customers yet more choice in how they choose to control their integral glass blinds.
The new magnetic system from Morley Glass gives customers yet more choice in how they choose to control their integral glass blinds.

Their Screenline Blinds are the best selling product of it’s kind in the UK, offering excellent shading and privacy solutions.  High quality blinds are fitted between the panes of glass on a double glazed unit which offers huge advantages over traditional fabric or other blinds placed in front of the product on the inside.

Recently added to the range is a cordless system of controlling their market leading range of integrated glass blinds.

The Cordless Sliding Uni-Blind®

In operating a typical integral glass blind, the cord operation has been very popular and the more traditional way of opening and closing the blinds.

For many the cord operated integral blind is still the preferred way, however Morley have now also introduced a magnetic system to their high quality blinds for bifolding doors, windows, entrance doors or screens.

How do the Morley Magnetic Controlled Integral Glass Blinds work?

A slider magnet connected to each side of the double glazed unit on the inside is used to operate the blinds. One magnet will lift and lower the blinds the other will open and close the slats as desired.

The sliders used to operate the blinds are attached by powerful magnets to the relevant components inside the double glazed units.

This magnetic option of opening and closing integrated blinds is going to be popular with bifolding doors and large screens. Bifolding doors, patio doors, large glazed windows especially are chosen by homeowners because they provide light, space and a contemporary glazed solution in the home.

Many bifolding doors are also slim and sleek in their appearance therefore this new magnet system will help keep the way the integral glass blinds are controlled more discreet as well if desired.  That said, the cord option remains the most popular product and has been for many years already, but his magnet controlled option gives users even more choice.

These Magnetic Blinds are available in a choice of glass options.

The new range of SL20SV magnetic controlled integral blinds are available in a choice of toughened, laminated or annealed glass units with the usual coatings and warm edge spacer bars as specified.

They come from Morley Glass, the UK’s No.1 manufacturer of integral glass blinds and on exceptional turnaround times and service levels.

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