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Morley Glass is one of the UK’s leading glass processors, suppliers and installers of glass, integral blinds for windows and doors and specialist glass products.

There are many different glass types that can be used for windows, doors, bifolding doors, screens and partitions. This glass can be glazed within any type of product whether it is made from aluminium, PVCu, timber, steel, or windows with a combination of materials such as hybrid windows featuring wood inside and aluminium outside.

Energy efficient glass

energy ratings are classified from a to g, with a rated being the best performing.
Energy ratings part of building regulations and met by energy efficient glass

Energy efficient glass is one of the core elements of modern double glazed windows. Offered with a range of coatings, treatments, warm edge spacer bars and argon gas fill it helps reduce heat lost through windows and doors.

What you many not know is that older double glazing can be improved simply by replacing the glass. If you already have pvcu or thermally broken aluminium windows, there is no reason (subject to survey) why you cannot retain your existing windows and simply replace the glass with the latest energy efficient double glazed units. This should help to reduce your heating bills as well.

Solar control glass

curtain walling is a widely used method of glazing building envelopes in modern construction.
Commercial buildings with large expanses of glass as well as the home can benefit from solar control glazing.

Solar control glass is now a very advanced product that allows light to come into a room or office but at the same time works to reduce and reflect away much of the heat generated by sunlight and warm temperatures.

The advantage of solar control glass is helping rooms remain much cooler than standard non solar controlled glass. Previously solar control glass involved mirror or other coatings but now this is not the cause. Specialist coatings and layers are used in double glazing to keep rooms cooler whilst still allowing excellent levels of transparency.

Self-cleaning glass

today's modern home extensions are taking advantage of large glass panels as well as windows and doors.
Self cleaning glass can help keep conservatory roofs cleaner for longer.

Any homeowner or occupier will routinely clean their glass. Particularly for flat glass located in glass roofs, conservatories, lean-to’s or other installation of non vertical or high level glass, the cleaning can often cause inconvenience. Bird droppings, dirty rain and airborne contaminants are also to blame for dirty glass.

Self cleaning glass features various microscopic coatings and a photocatalytic action that not only keeps glass clean but ensures rainwater comes away from the glass without leaving droplets. Reaction with daylight also breaks down dirt in the glass.

Conservatory glass

Conservatory glass can be specified in many forms to keep it clean, energy-efficient and importantly keep your conservatory cooler than standard double glazing or polycarbonate.

Latest technology glass now enables conservatories to be much more usable all year round compared to older glass products that made them uncomfortable to use.

Textured glass

the introduction of the origin midrail offers new scope for bespoke door designs such as this wood effect aluminium entrance door.
Textured glass is widely used in bathrooms but also can benefit doors and screens needing privacy.

Textured or obscure glass is now available in a huge choice of patterns for bathrooms, privacy screens or other areas where light is required by so is privacy. It can be toughened, integrated into triple or double glazing and offers varying levels of obscurity depending upon the type chosen.

Bevelled door glass

Look at any front door with decorative glass and it is quite likely this will be bevelled. Bevelling enables intricate designs to be created in doors, adding elegance, multi faceted surfaces and coloured glass. All of these and other components enable us to choose doors that are colourful, unique to us and make more of a feature in our homes.

Back painted glass

Back painted glass is widely used in furniture, walls, surfaces and borders. It enables homes and commercial buildings to create bespoke glass items, rooms or products that take all the benefits of glass but also offer a hygienic and safe way to use glass products on a day to day basis. A huge choice of colours and styles is available for virtually any type of design or requirements.

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