How electric blinds can benefit doors and windows

Increased use of technology in the home has been one of the many advances over the last few years. Some recent innovations include the control of lighting and heating from remote panels and more recently smartphones.

large glass window
Today’s modern home extensions are taking advantage of large glass panels as well as windows and doors.

Electric roller blinds are one home innovation that has come a long way from manual blinds. One easy step to an “intelligent” home and created a wow factor is the installation of automated electric blinds. There are many ways the technology now available for window and door coverings can be taken advantage of.

Specialist manufacturers such as Morley Glass provide glass, blind and shading solutions no matter what type of window or door needs a shading solution.

Large glazed screens and bifolding doors need control of light and privacy.

Home extensions now firmly established with large bifolding or sliding patio doors, gable windows and large glass screens. Whilst these modern glass solutions are excellent for providing loads of natural light, the control of sunlight and the provision of privacy is also important.

What types of doors and windows can benefit from Electric blinds?

Bifolding doors in particular are perfectly suited to electric blinds. But other types of products can also benefit. High level or hard to reach windows, front and rear doors, conservatory roofs and windows can all benefit.

Where large rooms have a combination of several doors, windows and lantern roofs, these can all be programmed to open and close the blinds without having to control each one individually.

What are the advantages of electric roller blinds?

close up image of blinds in glass
Bifolding doors are one product that can be enhanced with integral blinds sealed in the unit or external automatic blinds.

Electric roller blinds offer control, flexibility and convenience. But unlike older types of electric blinds they are now discreet and stylish. Considering Electric blinds for bifolding doors, sliding doors and windows you can benefit from many advantages.

Assistance for the elderly and disabled.

What you may not know is that automatic electric blinds make it much easier for the elderly and disabled. With many different ways of making blinds open and close they can provide valuable physical assistance.

Preserve the life of blinds for longer.

By installing automated blinds the repetitive daily tasks of opening and closing them are eliminated. But aside from this it can lengthen the life of the product. Automation ensure blinds open and close at the correct speed, do not tangle or twist and ensures they are always opened and closed correctly.

Various methods of opening

Electric roller blinds are easy to operate via a number of methods. There are options such as:

– Wireless remote control
– Wall mounted touch screen
– Indoor sensors programmed at set times of the day

Colour and fabric choice.

No matter what type of bifolding door or other glazed product is installed, whether aluminium, PVCu, or timber, there are a range of fabrics and colours. Water resistant options are also available.

The cassette that houses the blinds when open and the mechanism can also be colour coated to match interior decor or the bifolding doors themselves.



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