Technal launches new commercial aluminium door

The commercial aluminium door has been in existence for over 30 years, widely used in applications where a reliable and heavy-duty doorset is required.  Typical installations where a commercial aluminium door has proved itself over several decades are shops, schools, offices, hospitals and other high traffic buildings.

commercial aluminium door in a modern building
There has been little innovation in commercial doors in recent years. Technal have introduced the new SOLEIL aluminium door with several new features.

There has been little development in commercial doors over recent years.  Other than products now being available with a thermal break and various minor modifications to aluminium profiles, the product has largely remained unchanged.  The addition of a thermal break not only improved the thermal properties of the commercial door but also enabled these types of heavy-duty aluminium doors to be available dual colour.

Many aluminium commercial doors are designed around a typical 100mm x 50mm outer frame profile, with a range of door stile, rail and hinge options to suit the vast range of hardware available.

It is the hardware for commercial doors that enables them to perform a huge range of functions whether as entrance doors, fire exit doors, access control doors or even automatic doors.

One of the reasons why commercial doors have not had the same product modification as windows is that they still largely fall outside the full requirements of Building Regulations.

Technal launches SOLEIL universal commercial aluminium door.

Technal, recently acquired by the Global SAPA Group has unveiled the SOLEIL universal door that can be regarded as a brand new type of commercial aluminium door.

This new door from Technal, designed for high traffic applications now offers excellent thermal performance compared to other commercial doors systems.  It also features a range of specification options that make for a very versatile commercial entrance door.

Technal have patented a design based around a typical 55mm deep module that creates either single action (opening in or our) or double action (opening in and out) pivot doors.  Pivot doors rely on a concealed overhead closer and threshold pivot to operate in this way.

The doors feature a new double polyamide thermal break giving excellent U Values.

With most thermal commercial doors on the market offering a single thermal break, Technal have created a crimped double thermal break of the typical polyamide material that they say achieves a 1.4W/m2K U Value.  This is excellent for a commercial door.

High security now forms an integral part of commercial aluminium doors and with the SOLEIL product, Technal meets excellent levels of security such as Class RC3 BS EN 1627-30 for Burglar Resistance.  Cleverly for those that require a better alternative to traditional key-operated hook locks found in many commercial doors,  Technal is making available an electromagnetic system that houses its keypad within the frame. In other door systems, this would normally be positioned on an adjacent wall or panel.

The new Technal SOLEIL commercial doors offers many features typical of other commercial doors with some additional innovations.

It is normally the case with other doors that should the low threshold on commercial doors need replacement, the door leaves need to be taken out of the frame.

Technal has designed a threshold that is in two parts. This can be removed for maintenance or replacement if needed without having to take the door leaves away.  It also features Document M compliance and is available as a double ramped or rebated type.

Commercial doors can accept a very wide range of aftermarket handles such as D Handles, full height pole handles, pad handles and architectural handles.  The new Technal door will still accept these types but also offer an exclusive range of pull/push hardware exclusive to the product.

Door hinges on rebated doors are now more discreet compared to others on the market such as or hinges available with Schuco, Kawneer or Reynaers doors that can dominate the aesthetics of the product.

Glass options have been increased as well.  Typically commercial doors will take up to 28mm units. Here the Technal door can accept sealed units up to 39mm thick.

Technal say that this new commercial door product has also been subjected to millions of cycles in testing and is fully compatible with their range of framing and curtain walling systems.

It is good to see a new commercial door product after all these years which should get well specified in the commercial architectural fenestration market.

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