Secured By Design

Secured by Design (SBD) is the UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of “designing out crime”. Windows and doors that carry SBD approval have been assessed to provide a high degree of resistance to break-ins.

Secured by Design will focus on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages.  It is applicable to both homes as well as commercial premises.  It aims to promote the use of security standards throughout many processes.

SBD also has the Developers Award.  This is a certificate given to developments which have been built and conform to SBD.  This will involve working with Architectural Liaison Officers and local Crime Prevention Design Advisors.  The focus of SBD is to reduce the opportunity for crime.

Door assemblies must pass BS:PAS 23 General Performance Requirements (excluding annexes) and BS:PAS 24 Enhanced Security Requirements. Doors must also pass the end bolt test, which simulates an attack on the bolt. This is a specific requirement of SBD licensing.

For windows, Companies must be certificated for production to BS 7950 enhanced security for domestic windows. (BSI Kite-mark, BBA certificate, BM-Trada Q-Mark, BWF-TWAS or equivalent).

For both windows and doors, testing must be carried out at an UKAS accredited tester.

Please click here for further information on SBD standards for windows and doors.