Technal Launches new Brise Soleil System

Brise Soleil is an excellent solar Control Product for curtain walling and buildings generally.

Technal, launches the new Brise Soleil sun shading system in the UK which they gives efficient solar control complemented by excellent aesthetics.

The Sunseal System from Technal is not brand new as it’s already used abroad, however the UK launch of their sunshading system or brise soleil, is a multi-functional addition to curtain walling façades.  Brise Soleil controls solar gain, optimises the use of any natural light and is aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally brise soleil can be a sustainable option that can help with the thermal performance of a building generally.  Technal have excellent curtain walling systems, more recently the new MODAL low rise curtain walling and the well known MX system.  The Brise Soleil system can be fixed directly to curtain walling as well as the structure itself.

The Technal Brise Soleil system uses passive solar protection to reduce the reliance on mechanical cooling systems.  This results in energy consumption being reduced. The Technal Brise Soleil System has facade blades available in a variety of sizes, available as manual or automatic operation. The advantages of Brise Soleil are solar gain in the winter season, sun protection in the summer and effective control of natural light.

Suneal is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes including powder coating in the full range of RAL or Syntha Pulvin colours.  Additionally there are special colurs such as the flecked gloss and sublimated finishes for an authentic wood appearance.

Options available with the system are vertical, horizontal, fixed, motorised and elliptical blades that can be angled according to the general orientation of the building ensuring efficiency is kept as high as possible.

Technal Suneal Brise Soleil can be fabricated by any Technal Manufacturer and is available generally in kit form for easy site installation.

For further information and to download a technical brochure, see .


  1. Graeme says

    Ought to rename it Rain Control at the moment.

    I don’t fabricate their stuff, but they have always been helpful when I’ve need bits to modify their existing curtain walling.
    Unlike a couple others, I could mention.

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