The Green Deal, The GGF and ECO

The Green Deal Debate continues with the Glass and Glazing Federation issuing a long and comprehensive statement which is well worth a read.

The Glass and Glazing Federation, GGF has issues a statement on the Green Deal and ECO, Energy Company Obligation.

The Green Deal continues to be in the news and it is only a few months away.  Rightly, the GGF is supporting the industry and voicing the concerns it has over key elements of the Green Deal.

The statement by the GGF is a long, comprehensive one but what it does do is make clear the GGF’s stance on several areas of the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation.


The GGF say that these important areas include:

1. The potential exclusion of SMEs from Green Deal

2. The Bureaucracy of Green Deal

3. Fair Green Deal Assessment

4. Unfair VAT issues

5. Forcing companies to prove the skills of their workforce

6. The Green Deal Ombudsman

7. The threat of new entrants into the market

8. ECO funding and the glazing industry.

9. Will Green Deal work?

You will agree, quite an important list.

The Green Deal is only a few months away now and the GGF say that they remain “cautious” on if the Green Deal will actually work for the replacement window industry.  Many believe it won’t, many say that it will be taken over by the very large organisations with hardly any share of the pie for the small to medium sized businesses.

Crystal Windows recently issued a letter urging companies to take action on this. We shall wait to see the result.

The full statement is online at:

It is well worth a read.


The GGF remains cautious on whether Green Deal will work for the replacement glazing industry. However the Federation will continue to work with Government and other relevant organisations to try to ensure Green Deal works for the glass and glazing industry.


On Friday this week (20th July) the GGF will be taking questions from the media at the Green Deal Business Summit at Birmingham IET. For more details and to book your place at this event please click here

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