UAP Door Knocker with Hidden Fixings

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It was ironic that I should receive a sample of the UAP Tradelocks door knocker with hidden fixings to write about when only a few weeks ago, a customer was complaining about being able to see the inside fixing for the knocker on her Rocal Composite Door.

In this case, the customer was actually complaining about the small brass bolt visible on the inside of her door which she simply didn’t like! The bolt itself was brass and tidily done as Rocal always do, however on this occasion the customer wasn’t happy, didn’t like it and was withholding monies off her final bill. It may sound extreme, but it’s true.

In the end the matter was settled however it’s a good example of how simple things like hardware fixings can cause issues with some people.

Now whilst this particular piece of hardware may not be brand new in the market place and hidden fixings are a feature of a lot of hardware nowadays, the door knocker from UAP Hardware does deserve a mention on this post.

The product is well packaged in branded UAP packaging and well protected. The inner piece which is itself fixed with self tapping screws and connects securely to the outer cast knocker which is available in a variety of finishes but shown here in contemporary matt black.

UAP Hardware are well known for quality products, value for money and a comprehensive range, Hidden Fix Door Knocker from UAP is now available in the classic 6” Victorian Urn style with black, white, chrome or brass finishes. A choice of aluminium, PVD gold and mirror polished stainless steel finishes will also soon be available.

Obviously fixing this product is much easier than the traditional method of fixing this type of hardware and there is little effort involved. Everything is fixed externally with nothing visible internally.

The inner component to the door knocker is referred to as the Hidden Fix adhesive “lollipop”.  For manufacturers of doors it would make sense to ensure that this is fitted to the door during production and the knocker is kept separate until installation, as well as reducing risks of transport damage.

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