Aluminium Trade Supply Round up of the week ending 24th June

Those who follow my private twitter account will understand why I have put this picture up as a good overview of this week!

The arrogance of suppliers has really frustrated me this week. Saturday’s post below explains more but some suppliers I’m dealing with really are losing their focus big style and I fear losing the connection with their very loyal customers.

There was much debate around the Window Industries Top 30 and GGF on Twitter and DGB’s site as well as quite a few rumours going around but obviously can’t say anything on that!

What I have been doing is chatting to others in the industry and everyone I have spoken to reports that they are busy. Very busy indeed.

On a more positive note the site has secured some absolutely brilliant new advertisers/associates and the work is now beginning in creating specialist product sections on these and more.  The brand new site will be up soon as well.


Monday’s post  Do Double Glazing quotation sites provide any value?
I have still not had the courtesy of any reply from three of them, but the point of the article here is that these wesbites only seem to ever concentrate on the lowest possible price and nothing else in my view.  Take a read and let me know what you think.


Why Young People are not making a career in double glazing has been the most visited page on the day it went live with nearly 900 views! I was quite surprised by this but following on from the post by DGB and comment by Mark Warren, GGF President I though i would add my own thoughts on where I think the industry could attract young people.


Reynaers Curtain Walling has been installed at the National Cycling centre and I’ve decided to feature Reynaers Aluminium Systems much more on this website.  A really good aluminium curtain wall product.


I recommend you take a look at this downloadable pdf from SAPA Building Systems Inspring Uses of  Aluminium,  showing some fantastic installation using both the UK and European range of profile. Some stunning buildings and well worth a look!



Not often I get frustrated enough to put it down on here but a couple of suppliers are really losing it in their macho and arrogant approach to their customers and their product.  You really cannot afford to alienate your customers guys but somehow I suspect you will continue to do so.

As you can see, some days nothing is posted but that’s not altogether a bad thing…..In the coming week will be some articles about our Advertiser UAP Tradelocks and some of their range of hardware as well as lots of useful info on powder coating and more.


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