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Lishi Car Tools offer specialist equipment to Locksmiths for the Automobile industry.

Lishi Tools may only be known to specialist sectors in our industry yet they cover more vehicles than any other product

Lishi Tools are specially designed in those situations where you need to gain entry into a vehicle or you want to decode a car lock.

Genuine Lishi Picks are used to open both Standard key and Laser key styles.

Genuine Lishi Decoders are suitable if you offer the service to cut Auto Keys. A decoder will give you the key cuts heights for the lock without having a key present.

Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/Decoders are for the professional auto locksmith. These tools will pick a vehicle lock and decode the key in under 3 minutes on most vehicle types.

Genuine Lishi Premium Tibbe Pick and Decoder was developed due to the number of low quality Tibbe Picks in the market. The Genuine Lishi Premium Tibbe tool has been developed to be very strong allowing you to tackle even partially frozen and rusted locks.

Lishi Accessories include the Lishi Key Cutter, a superb tool designed to cut make up keys to cut a temporary standard Auto key. Temporary Laser keys can also be cut using the 3 part make up keys supplied with the laser keyway decoder and 2-in-1s.

Lishi Vices. Normal vices do not hold Auto Locks in a suitable position. The Lishi Vice has been custom designed to replicate the lock in a vehicle door.

Genuine Lishi Master and Slave Keys help if  you want to create a temporary key using the Genuine Lishi Key Cutter then we have a whole range of slave and master keys covering almost every lock.

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  1. Ric Glass says

    where do i obtain SLAVE/MASTER/SLAVE SYSTEM blanks to make temporary key HU43 for example as in demonstration Lishi Key Cutter? Like surely we must be able to buy these by the kilo??

    • admin says

      You are best to Contact UAP Direct on this one. They will be best people to help you first hand.

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