Window Energy Ratings vs Triple Glazing Debate

Whatever your views the WER vs Triple Glazing Debate is set to continue. What will you do?

The debate regarding WER’s and Triple Glazing is set to continue for a long time to come.  Is this whole issue simple a selling and marketing tool? Will WER’s simply be overtaken by triple glazing in time to come?

Those in favour of triple glazing will market it on the basis that it offers higher window energy rating and promote the obvious benefit to the consumer.

The familiar window energy rating label has without doubt been a success for the end user. It is something they can recognise now.  However like most things it is how the product is sold.  Sales people need the right training and above all have the confidence to talk about both double and triple glazing and let the customer make an informed choice.  Is it possible for both types of windows to live hand in hand? Yes!

If you are a double glazing salesman, embrace the change, learn your products, learn your competitors products.  Offer the customer the choice.  A house full of triple glazed windows may add up to £1000 to a complete installation. It is up to you as a sales person to explain to the customer the advantages and disadvantages of each. In this way you will demonstrate a professionalism of you and the company you represent that you are not there to just sell them windows but you are there to educate and inform at the same time.

The building regulations are set to change in 2013 and again in 2016. It is highly likely by 2016 an A rated window will be the required standard. As an industry, we have to embrace the changes.  Legislation has changed, products have changed, people and business need to change. Business cannot survive without change.

Those who have adopted triple glazing early have the edge over their competitors.  It is wrong for a company that doesn’t offer it to “rubbish” the product. We have long advocated in this difficult market, the need for double glazing companies to offer a diverse product range to keep the consumer interested, to demonstrate that they are experts in all types of home improvements (not just pvc for example).

A simple A rated window will perform an adequate need for most homes, that is a given but if you are faced with competition from others you cannot simply dismiss the product to a customer who has asked you about triple glazing.  Bear in mind those who have embraced it and are selling it now will be pushing it hard.

Whatever your views, we must embrace energy efficiency, the Green Deal, triple glazing and whatever else is set to change in the future.  We must simply adapt our businesses and our product ranges to change.  We will stand still if we don’t.

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